9 Best Desk Toys in 2023 Reviews & Buying Guide

Are you looking for a fun desk toy to give a colleague or friend as a whiter elephant gift? Or do you want to add a desk toy to your workspace to help you alleviate the stress and anxiety, and to help you concentrate and be more efficient at your job?

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In any case, there is a vast variety of desk toys that can help you relax, have more fun, and be better at your desk job. This is why we have thoroughly reviewed a large number of them and have handpicked the greatest desk toys for 2023.

Best Desk Toys

Small Fish Infinity Cube Fidget Desk Toy, Sensory Tool EDC 

The Infinity Fidget Cube is one of the top fun and cool desk toys on the market. It is made of sturdy, premium quality ABS plastic block structure interconnected with stainless steel rivets, and is designed to help you alleviate the stress and take away the negative emotions which can strike at the workplace.

This nifty fidget desk toy is designed to help keep the brain occupied, improve your logic skills, alleviate stress, reduce anxiety, and can help you battle bad habits such as smoking, unhealthy snacking, and others during work.

One of the coolest desk toys for this year is pocket-sized and is suitable for adults and for children alike. Thanks to its small size, and silent use, you can play with it discreetly anywhere.

Key features:

  • Pocket-sized, noiseless, and ergonomically designed fidget toy
  • Easy to carry and play with using only one hand
  • When not in use, it looks cool on any desk
  • An excellent fidget toy to relieve stress, and anxiety, and to help with brainstorming
  • Any adult or child aged 3 or above will love receiving one of these gadgets
  • A lightweight of only 4 ounces

The Original BUDDHA BOARD: Relaxing Water Painting with Bamboo Brush & Stand

The Original Buddha Board is more than just a cool gadget that you can place on your office desk as a desk toy.

It is a very cleverly designed painting and writing board that will allow you to create beautiful Japanese-style paintings and calligraphy. But the trick is that in a few moments, your work of art will evaporate and disappear in thin air.

The idea behind this board, stand and brush is to learn to appreciate the moment and follow one of the leading Buddhist ideas of learning how to let go.

This is one of the coolest desktop toys and an accessory that will help you practice your mindfulness and to meditate and clear your mind too.

Key features:

  • It includes a 12 x 9.5 inch board, a stand, and a bamboo brush
  • One of the greatest desk toys for meditation, inspiration, mindfulness, and learning to let go
  • This an excellent gift idea for women, men, and kids of any age
  • A fun way to doodle on your desk while talking on the phone or handling another mundane task

Shindel Mini Bowling, Wooden Desk Tabletop Bowling Indoor Bowling Toy 

With this Shindel Mini Bowling office toy, the fun and games with colleagues at the workplace will be endless.

This desk game is compact enough to fit on a desk and includes a pretty wood base with a ramp, 10 miniature bowling pins, and a bowling ball made out of stainless steel.

This tabletop bowling game is not only great looking but is one of the most enjoyable desk toys as well.

You can play alone or challenge a co-worker to a desk game of mini-bowling and have some relaxation time and a good laugh at your workplace.

Key features:

  • A very cool design
  • Includes a wood board, ramp, a metal ball, and 10 bowling pins
  • Size 11.6 x 3.9 inches the board
  • Non-toxic paint and high grade wood and metal are used for its construction
  • It costs less than $15

VEFINDOR Kinetic Optical Illusion Balls, Fidget Toys for Stress Relief

The Vefindor Kinetic Optical Illusion Ball is a superb work toy, conversation starter, and accent piece for any workplace, office, or other room.

The revolving sphere will create a magical optical illusion of an endless helix when turned.

One of the most stunning office desk toys looks great and will help you clear your head of negative thoughts, and also relieve the stress from work or school.

It is a suitable size for holding in the palm of your hand and has been found to help calm down children with autism or anxiety.

Key features:

  • It is available in 7 different mesmerizing colors
  • An excellent ornament and stress relieving desktop toy
  • Perfect for calming down
  • A great conversation starter
  • Small size of just 1.2 inches in height, a diameter of 2 inches, and a weight of 7 oz

Squishies Kawaii Animal, Mochi Squishy Office Toy

The Squishies are most definitely the cutest of all desk toys we have reviewed in 2023.

This kit of incredibly cute squishy kawaii animals will make you smile every time you set eyes on them. Even better, you can play with them, pull them, squeeze them, and fidget around with them safely without damaging them.

Once you stop with the squishing, each of these cute kitties, rabbits, bears, seals, and so on will restore their original shapes.

These fun desk toys are perfect for letting out steam as well as for the improvement of your concentration.

Each box includes 18 perfect Mochi animals waiting for you to play with them.

Key features:

  • An affordable box set of 18 different cute squishy pet animals
  • Made of safe and easy to clean material
  • Excellent for relieving emotional or physical upsets and stress
  • Suitable for kids and adults alike
  • Also a good idea for individuals with autism, OCD, anxiety, Asperger’s, and ADHD

Super Z Outlet Classic 3-Dimensional Pin Art Board Metal Silver  

This 3D pin art board is another superb idea for anyone who loves a fun and cool gadget, or who is interested in art and has a creative imagination.

One of the most entertaining desk toys will ensure that the person behind the desk will have endless fun with millions of different things that can be drawn on it.

It is compact in size, and will not take up space, and everybody will love looking at your latest creation.

Key features:

  • A size of just 7 x 5 inches
  • It will look good on any desk
  • It allows for millions of combinations and figures to be created
  • Suitable for children and adults alike
  • Excellent for creative and artistic people

Galton Board by Four Pines Publishing 

One of the smartest desk toys, this replica of Charles and Ray Eames’ probability machine comprises of a board and 3,000 beads, allowing you to play with the various possibilities for arranging them. If you know a scientific or math buff who would love a gift that helps them enjoy envisioning order in the chaos of chance, consider getting them this miniature probability machine as a desk toy.

Key features:

  • Excellent brain game gift idea for a person who is into math or science
  • Allows for noting the different statistical and mathematical probabilities, hidden in the pattern
  • Also allows for picking your brain while looking for the different curves and distributions
  • It is an approved learning device, perfect for math students

SPOLEY Desk Decor Sculpture Toys Stress Relief 

This is another beautiful toy with magnets that will not only bring beauty to your workplace but also allow you to fidget and create beautiful sculptures in all shapes and forms.

The Spoley Desk Sculpture toy is made of small metal balls of two different sizes, which are flexible to move around to create various enjoyable shapes and figures on top of the strong magnetic base.

One of the most creative desk toys on this list is affordable, compact, and an excellent idea for a present for people aged 14 or over.

Key features:

  • An excellent toy for exploring and expanding your creativity
  • A fun way to release stress, and improve your concentration
  • This toy will lift up your mood when you are feeling down
  • It is only 2.7 x 1.6 x 2.7 inches in size
  • It is inexpensive

Desktop Boxing: Knock Out Your Stress! (RP Minis)

This desktop punching bag is an excellent gift idea for people who are affected by a lot of stress at the workplace.

The miniature boxing bag is easy to set up and will remain standing and ready for some finger punching on the desk by you and your co-workers, thanks to the strong suction cup on the bottom.

The tiny boxing set is the perfect option for anybody who needs some stress management, as well as for those who like fidgeting or simply having fun while working or studying.

Key features:

  • A very compact pocket size
  • A strong suction cup to attach it to the desk
  • A fun way to fidget and relieve stress at work or home
  • An excellent white elephant or another present idea


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