5 Best Whiteboard Dry-Erase Markers of 2023 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Hundreds of thousands of people use whiteboards on a daily basis to create, communicate, and innovate. That being said, whiteboard markers qualify as the unsung heroes of every classroom and conference room. This understated writing tool can help you brainstorm ideas or solve problems freely without the waste of paper or the agonizing permanence of a pen.

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The most satisfying kinds of whiteboard markers should only offer bold lines that can be seen across classrooms or boardrooms – but what about their erasability? If you’re teaching a class, making scratch notes, or just brainstorming, your choice of marker should write with ink that lasts long enough to serve your purpose, but you should also be able to erase your work with ease.

This is where dry erase markers come in handy. These whiteboard markers are made with solvent-based formulae – which is why they can be wiped off without water. But how could you determine which among the thousands of products in the market are perfect for your needs?

In response to your inquiry, we will now discuss these colorful and obedient servants of the workplace and classroom. As a result of the lack of available resources, most consumers will settle for whatever option is presented to them. Indeed, that’s what we intend to alter.

Read on for a detailed analysis of the top-rated dry-erase markers that are often overlooked by others. Following our tests, we will construct a comprehensive buyer’s guide for the best dry erase markers to fill in the gaps in the current state of whiteboard marker knowledge.

So without further ado, let’s first introduce you to the absolute top picks.

Best Dry Erase Markers

Now we are going to dive into our reviews by taking a closer look at each product. The reviews in the section below will help you get a better idea about what each of these dry erase markers can offer you for your unique preferences. You could also choose to skip to our buyer’s guide to understand what you need to consider before making the purchase decision.

Pilot V Board Master Refillable Markers, Medium Chisel Tip

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Pilot made it to the top of our list. The pilot has been manufacturing pens for over 100 years, and naturally, their whiteboard markers have got to offer their heritage of quality and design. Speaking of design, one particular detail we loved about these whiteboard markers is that their cap had a little knob, which is intended to keep them from rolling off any surface.

Straight up – these are the finest dry erase markers out there because they offer the best balance of every feature offered by competing products. Now some of you might find this market to be a little too thick, but that’s probably just because of its medium chisel point. This point can also be used to create thin lines by rotating the marker 90 degrees – quite like a calligraphy pen. These markers come in a box of your 5 most essential colors, which include – black, red, blue, green, and yellow – all of which can be seen clearly from a distance.

Each of these markers has an ink cartridge attached at their rear ends – which is made of transparent plastic. This makes it easy for you to determine when you’re about to run out, so you don’t have to stop your train of thought ever again! If you’re concerned about the environment, you’ll be delighted to know that these markers are manufactured with 91% recycled materials. Plus, the fact that all of these markers can be refilled up to 4 times just bears witness to the fact that this whiteboard marker is mightier than the sword!

Staedtler Lumocolor Correctable Dry Erase Pen

Not all whiteboard markers are made for conference rooms and lecture halls. Some people also prefer these for their own personal to-do lists, or to leave their roommates messages or even to fill out their personal calendars. Naturally, your personal purposes will require finer tips with compact designs – which is why the Staedtler Lumocolor Pens are the perfect dry erase markers for you.

Staedtler Lumocolor Pens are manufactured as thin as your average pen with a pearlescent blue body and a mini felt eraser to rub out your notes. Even though they may seem frail and delicate, their fiber tips are dense and solid and are guaranteed to last a considerable period of time. What’s more, its fiber tip has been designed in such a manner that it can consistently produce 0.6mm thin lines – much like your average felt tip pen.

This particular dry erase marker is also quite durable because its barrel and cap consist of PP material. This material translates to great impact resistance while making sure the pen doesn’t crack or chip easily. It also ensures that the ink inside is protected from drying out. The only let down of this product was that cleaning out your notes will require a little more than just one swift glide.

Expo Low Odor Dry Erase Markers, Chisel Tip

Our 3rd top dry erase markers are synonymous with your average classroom whiteboard markers. The first thing you will notice about these products is that their design is very simplistic, and the manufacturer has made them very convenient to hold onto for long periods of time. They have also added the classic nest at the rear end of the marker to fix the cap onto when it is in use. What’s more, these markers are also convenient for long hours of teaching or conferences because you can click to open or retract the tip – just like a click-retractable pen.

Since marker tips can dry out easily, the manufacturer of these particular markers has added a Safety Seal Valve. This particular feature makes sure your ink doesn’t dry out. Speaking of drying out, one great detail worth mentioning about this product is that its ink dries fast on the whiteboard, which means that it also resists smearing really well. However, this smear resistance does also make rubbing out your notes a tad bit harder. Of course, a few extra dry eraser glides will be quite enough to make way for new notes.

Pilot V Board Master Refillable Markers, Bullet Tip

This pick for dry erase markers is no stranger because it is a different variant of a previous product. What makes this particular whiteboard marker unique is the fact that it features a fray-resistant bullet tip. This tip is a better option for anyone who prefers to write with precision while producing bold and juicy lines – which, of course, can be erased with just one swipe. Also, there is that little detail where both the tip and the cartridge can be replaced in a matter of seconds.

Other than the fact that it was produced by a top-of-the-line manufacturer, this refillable bullet tip marker truly set the benchmark for all other whiteboard markers. This is due to the fact that it uses highly pigmented ink to produce broad lines that will always be visible across the room. What’s more, the spongy and thick bullet tip is very easy to control and to glide around your whiteboard for a vibrant result.

One brilliant feature shared by both Pilot whiteboard markers – the bullet tip and the chisel tip, is that they make use of a Twin Pipe Feed System (TPF). This system consists of 2 pipes that connect the marker’s cotton reservoir and the ink supply to its tip. One of these pipes will allow your supply of ink to flow out while the other pipe allows air back inside to equalize air pressure. While all of this might seem too technical – this mechanism is meant to make sure your marker consistently writes with sharp and vibrant lines and doesn’t start fading out as the cartridge dries up.

June Gold 39 Assorted Dry Erase Whiteboard Markers

Our last pick for the top dry erase markers for your needs is yet another one that has a chisel tip. What sets it apart, however, is the fact that it is a high functioning vivid marker, which writes with smearproof ink. While we’re on the topic, the ink of this marker dries quickly, is completely non-toxic, and has a low odor. You’ll also find that these markers are extremely durable as it may take up to 2 years for an unused June Gold 39 to dry out. Plus, it can last for months on end if it’s in constant use.

Unlike our previous pick, the smearproof ink of this particular marker can be wiped clean quite easily. Other than this, the handle of these markers has been designed in a manner that allows for a firm grip for those long hours of use while also making sure you write very smoothly. You will be able to purchase these markers in 3 packs – all of which have 13 different colors. In other words, the June Gold 39 series offers you a total of 39 different whiteboard markers!

Buying Guide for the Best Dry Erase Markers in 2023

The following is our list of important considerations that can help you pick out the perfect dry erase markers for your purposes.


Most whiteboard users prefer working with ink that will stay up for long enough to be able to serve your purpose, which also makes it easy for you to rub it off. So if you’re going to be making personal notes while brainstorming ideas or making notes for your students while teaching your class, we would highly recommend using quality dry erase markers. All of these markers make use of solvent-based ink, which is why wiping it off is so simple.

However, if you were looking for a marker for your long-term projects or for signage, then perhaps wet-erase markers are a better option. These markers are semi-permanent – which means they will stay written until water (or any other solution) is used to wipe them off.

Tip Materials

The material of the tip can affect the markers’ line precision, tip longevity, and its feedback. Typically, whiteboard markers consist of ‘felt tips,’ which are made of either polyester or nylon. While the result of both these materials cannot be differentiated easily, the way they are packed is what you need to consider.

Felt-tip markers can be found in either densely packed fibers or loosely/spongy packed fibers. The former kind is commonly housed inside a metal or plastic funnel, which makes sure that they retain their shape for a longer period of time – resulting in consistent lines. On the other hand, spongy fibers offer flexibility and are much easier to write with. Now whichever one you pick should depend on your personal preference.

Tip Size and Shape

Brush/Chisel tips have the ability to yield varied forms of strokes while the bullet tip is just rounded – hence offers less variety of strokes. Of course, bullet tips are much easier to work with. All you need to do is pop open the cap and get to scribbling. If this sounds like something you’re probably doing, then you’d better pick a bullet tip.

On the flip side, if you prefer working with a little more finesse and tidiness, then the brush/chisel tips are the way to go. These kinds of whiteboard markers have thinner tips, which allow for a lot more detail. Naturally, since your writing is more legible, you can expect better feedback.

Drying Out

This is more of a recommendation than a consideration. Many users complain that their whiteboard markers dry out very quickly. This usually happens because they store their markers in a vertical position. In doing so, the pigment precipitates out of the tip, reducing the overall color of the ink. This is why whiteboard marker manufacturers always recommend storing these products in a horizontal position.

Marker Body and Components

The composition of whiteboard markers can also have a drastic effect on their performance. We have taken this consideration into account to compile our list of top dry erase markers. For instance, you may have come across the words ‘PP material’ in our reviews. This signifies Polypropylene Plastic, and it is known to offer the greatest combination of durability and impact resistance in whiteboard markers.

The PP material used for the bodies and caps is extremely durable. As a bonus, the ink within the marker can be kept fresh for much longer if the parts can be kept sealed.

The longevity of whiteboard markers may also be affected by their interior structure. For instance, the Pilot V Board Master Refillable Marker stands out from the crowd thanks to the innovative method by which its ink is delivered. Your whiteboard markers will last longer than ever before because the ink and the tip are both refillable.


Most whiteboard markers consist of alcohol-based ink, and this is why they typically emit a strong odor. For those people who believe that they are sensitive to strong odors or if they plan on working in enclosed spaces with lots of other people, a low odor marker will be a good idea. If you think you need one too, then we would highly recommend using the Staedtler Lumocolor or the Expo Low Odor Dry Erase Markers. You could also keep your work area well-ventilated.

Writing Surface

Different writing surfaces have different effects on their erasing ability and staining. If you’re planning on working with dry-erase markers, we would highly recommend writing on nonporous and smooth surfaces. That being said, you can never go wrong with porcelain-on-steel types of whiteboards because they are both easy to clean and smooth. You could also work with cheaper alternatives like glass, aluminum, painted steel, or powder-coated steel.

Final Thoughts

Whiteboard markers are a necessary tool for some of the finest aspects of our lives – education, creativity, and innovation. This is why you need to put in a fair amount of consideration into picking the most suitable dry erase markers for your needs. We sincerely hope that we have laid out enough of our helpful considerations and reviews to make your purchase decision simple. If so, go on ahead and make your choice. Which is it going to be?


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