Best Laptop Sleeves in 2023

If you are like most people, then you know that your laptop is an important part of your life. It is most probably the device that you use to communicate with others and where you store your personal information, your work, your notes, your photos, and everything else that is precious for you.

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This is why protecting your laptop is essential. One of the perfect ways to ensure that your laptop stays safe from bumps, scratches, or more serious damage is to invest in a good-quality laptop sleeve. One such product is the top-rated Runetz Soft Neoprene laptop sleeve.

Laptop sleeves are slimmer and lighter than the larger laptop cases and are extremely convenient for keeping your laptop free from dust or damage while you are not using it at home or when you are carrying it around with you.

We have reviewed numerous laptop cases and have come up with the top laptop sleeves for 2023.

Read on to find out everything you need to know about these excellent products.

Best overall

Runetz MacBook Pro 13 inch Sleeve Soft Neoprene Case Cover Laptop Sleeve

The Runetz Laptop Sleeve is the top choice for this year because it is fairly priced, well-designed and made, and provides maximum protection for your laptop, and all of its accessories.

The top-quality laptop sleeve is available in a wide variety of sizes suitable for different laptops and MacBooks, including 12 inches, 13 inches, 13.3 inches, and 15.4 inches.

The sizes are as follows:

  • 12 inch MacBook – exterior: 12 x 8.7 x 0.8 inches, interior: 11.5 x 8 x 0.7 inches, weight: 8.6-oz
  • 13 inch MacBook – exterior: 12.8 x 9.5 x 0.9 inches, interior: 12.1 x 8.7 x 0.7 inches, weight: 12-oz
  • 3 inch – exterior: 13.7 x 10 x 1 inch, interior: 13 x 9.4 x 0.8 inches, weight: 12-oz
  • 4 inch – exterior: 15.5 x 11 x 1 inches, interior: 14.8 x 10.5 x 0.8 inches, weight: 14-oz

It is also sold in different color options suitable for men, women, and young or old laptop owners.

You can pick between teal, black, gray, green, navy, pink, chevron grey, and other colors.

This laptop sleeve is made of strong and durable, and yet lightweight neoprene. The sleeve is designed to provide maximum protection for your laptop. It will successfully protect your device from scuffing, scratching, and breaking as you carry it around with you.

When you choose the right size for your laptop, you will find that the Runetz sleeve will provide a snug, glove-like fit for your laptop but without making taking it out or putting it in a hassle.

Thanks to its slim design, this excellent laptop sleeve will take up minimal space in your bag or luggage.

It also has a zipped smart accessory pocket where you can keep your phone, your external hard disk DVD or your charger, as well as your personal belongings.

Overall, this is a sturdy, light, and safe laptop sleeve which will give you peace of mind that your precious laptop is protected at all times.

The runner-up

MOSISO Water Repellent Neoprene Sleeve Bag Cover and Small Case  

This is another superb laptop sleeve that will not only look great but will also protect your laptop and your accessories from any bumps and scratches.

It is sold along with a matching small case which you can use to carry and protect your charger, memory sticks, your mouse, your earphones, or other accessories.

The case has a soft protective neoprene foam padding and added soft fleece lining to keep the laptop from any scratching, scuffing, or breaking.

The design of the Mosiso laptop sleeve is slim, and will not take up too much space in your bag, backpack, briefcase, or suitcase.

It has a top-loading strong zipper which allows easy insertion of the laptop, or access to it at all times.

The neoprene is water repellent and the interior is soft and shock absorbing.

It is easy to carry separately or in any kind of bag, backpack, briefcase, or suitcase, as it is slim and light.

The top-quality laptop sleeve also comes with a small storage pouch with the same color and same protective functions.

The product is available in a wide variety of color options including several types of blue, pink, several types of green, several types of red, purple, violet, apricot, grey, black, coral, and many other patterns and colors to suit any taste.

The Mosiso is also available in a variety of sizes that correspond to the most commonly sized laptops, including 11.6-12.3 inches, 12 inches, 13 inches, 13-13.3 inches, 14-15 inches, and 15-15.6 inches. So, there is definitely one of these laptop sleeves for just about any standard laptop and for any taste.

Best budget-friendly option

Lacdo 13 Inch Waterproof Fabric Laptop Sleeve

If you want a reliable, stylish, and convenient laptop sleeve but do not want to break the bank to by one, then the Lacdo Waterproof Fabric Laptop Sleeve could be the most suitable choice for you.

This is an affordable laptop sleeve that comes in different sizes, including 11-11.6 inches, 13 inch New MacBook, 13-13.3 inches, 14-15 inches, and 15.6 inches.

It is also sold in different colors including black, blue, grey, purple, pink, rose, and red.

The canvas fabric of the sleeve is water-repellent and waterproof so you don’t have to worry if it is raining or humid outside while you are carrying your laptop with you. This is incredibly important if you live in a more humid climate.

The lining inside the sleeve is super soft and shock absorbent. It is also anti-static and will help protect your laptop from scratches or more serious damage if accidentally bumped into something.

The smooth zipper is easy to open and close for easy access to the computer. The laptop sleeve has a nifty accessories pocket where you can keep your documents, your wallet or other valuables, also protected from the rain and from splashing.

This laptop sleeve looks great, feels great, and leaves the impression of being a premium quality product despite its shockingly low selling price.

We must say – it is one of the top bangs for the buck out there!

The rest of the best

Kate Spade New York Dawn Rose Laptop Case Sleeve Black Multi 13″

Looking for an elegant designer laptop sleeve? Check out this gorgeous Kate Spade New York Dawn Laptop Sleeve.

Key features:

  • A beautiful Rose design on black background
  • The size of the case is 14 x 10 and can fit 13-inch laptops
  • It has a signature Kate Spade New York license plate
  • It will keep your laptop protected from bumps and scratches and will do so in style
  • The sleeve will definitely stand out wherever you go with its beautiful, high-end design

AmazonBasics 15.6-Inch Laptop MacBook Sleeve Case – Black

The Amazon Basics laptop sleeve is another top-quality protective case that is sold at a very reasonable price.

Key features:

  • It is available for laptops, e-book readers, and tablets sizes: 7, 8. 10. 11.6, 13.3, 14, 15.6, and 17.3 inches
  • The smooth zipper provides easy top-loading access
  • It is designed to fit the laptops or other devices snugly and precisely, so they do not bounce around and don’t get damaged when you are on the go
  • It has a slim design and can be carried in a bag or by itself
  • It is made of form-fitting protective and soft neoprene
  • Sold in various color options including black, blue, grey, navy, and purple
  • It is sold at a very affordable price

Inateck 13-13.3 Inch Sleeve Case Briefcase Cover Protective Bag

The Inateck laptop sleeve may not be the fanciest of all the products on our list but its minimalistic design has its charm, and it also provides excellent protection for the laptop inside.

Key features:

  • Available in different sizes including 12.3, 13-13.3, 14, 15-15.6 inches
  • Sold in various color options including dark grey, black, pink, and blue
  • It has a side zipper design which will prevent the laptop to drop out of the sleeve if the zipper is accidentally left open
  • The sleeve is made of 5 different protective layers which are shock absorbing and will keep the laptop safe in case of bumps
  • The exterior is made of liquid-proof, 600D water-resistant wearable woven material which will protect the laptop from rain, humidity, and spills
  • It has a comfortable and strong elastic handle, so you can carry it around by itself
  • The lining inside is made of soft flannel to protect the laptop from scuffs and scratches
  • It is very robustly made out of premium quality materials, which will last for long
  • The sleeve is very reasonably priced

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Silent Pocket Waterproof Nylon Faraday Bag, Signal Blocking Device Sleeve

If you are looking for a laptop sleeve that will not only protect your hardware but your software and your precious data as well, then we strongly recommend the top-of-the-line Silent Pocket Faraday Bag. It is waterproof, signal blocking, and incredibly elegant.

Key features:

  • Available for 13 and 15-inch laptops
  • Sold in black leather, black nylon, grey nylon, and light grey nylon versions
  • This is the only patented Faraday cage, or faraday bag on the market, which will keep all of your data protected from any hacking, data-wiping, and tracking attempts
  • It protects against attacks via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, RFID, NFC, Solar Flare, EMP, GPS, Radio or other signal types
  • It also protects you against EMF radiation from the electronics
  • The design is minimalistic, stylish, and modern
  • It can be either made from waterproof and durable nylon or from top-grain cow leather, depending on your preferences
  • There is an easy access non0-shielded external pocket that has secure and patented magnetic-based closure
  • The sleeve has silicone labels and clear discreet branding
  • It was originally designed for law enforcement and forensic investigators in order to protect the digital evidence they carry
  • The sleeve is sold with a 100 % guarantee

McKlein R Series Roosevelt 17″ Leather Laptop Case with Removable Sleeve

The McKlein R Series Roosevelt laptop case and the sleeve is the ultimate travel bag for business people, and for those who like to travel in style.

Key features:

  • Made of premium quality leather
  • It features a unique and patented 2-in-1 detachable handle and wheel system, so it is perfect both for traveling and for everyday carrying and use
  • The laptop bag and case fit laptops up to 17 inches in size
  • The bag has a large zippered front organizer pocket for your phone, media devices, and other belongings
  • The front compartment has three file dividers which can expand by 2 inches, making more space
  • There is a back compartment that has 3 separate accessory pouches
  • The bag comes with a 17-inch laptop dual protection system and a removable protective laptop sleeve
  • The protective system has a premium quality ABS frame which will protect your laptop from impact
  • The shock-absorbing foam inside will further keep your laptop safe while carrying it or traveling with it
  • The case and sleeve are moisture and water-resistant
  • The case can be placed on the handle of a larger rolling case, in order to make it even more portable and travel-friendly

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ProCase 14-15.6 Inch Laptop Sleeve Case Protective Bag

If you want a reasonably priced laptop sleeve that is both trendy and will keep your laptop safe, then the ProCase Laptop Sleeve may be the perfect choice for you.

Key features:

  • It is sold in different sizes – for laptops which are 12-12.9 inches, 13-13.5 inches, and 14-15.6 inches
  • It has a simple yet trendy design
  • Available in different colors – black, light grey, pink, dark blue, dark grey, mint green, and teal
  • It has a slim design allowing it to easily slide into all backpacks, bags, and others
  • It has a sturdy and comfortable handle, so you can carry your laptop separately as well
  • Made of eco-friendly and soft materials which will protect the laptop from shock, bumps, scratches, dirt, and dust
  • It is also spill-resistant and water repellent
  • There is a handy pocket on the front for a phone, charger, pens, and other accessories
  • The bag can be opened at 180 degrees so you can access and open your laptop without even removing it from the case

Woolnut MacBook Pro 15 Sleeve – Black

The Woolnut laptop sleeve is one of the most stylish products on our list. Made of full-grain leather and with an interior lining made of pure wool felt, this laptop sleeve is an absolute classic with a timeless design.

Key features:

  • Made of premium quality all-natural materials – the leather is waterproof and protective, and the wool is soft and breathable
  • A classic design that will look great anywhere you go
  • It is sold in rich tanned cognac brown or black soft, full-grain leather options
  • Since the leather is vegetable tanned, every single sleeve is unique and different with its own markings
  • The internal lining is made of fine, soft 100% pure grey wool felt to protect the laptop
  • The available sizes are for MacBook 12”, MacBook Air 13”, MacBook Pro Retina 13”, MacBook Pro 13 new, MacBook Pro Retina 15”, and MacBook Pro 15”
  • It has a slip-in design for easy access to your MacBook
  • The sleeve is designed in Sweden with all Scandinavian aesthetics in mind
  • It is the perfect gift for a person who appreciates the beautiful things in life
  • You can pair it with an iPhone leather case with the same design, so you have the perfect stylish set

amCase Chromebook Case-11.6 to 12-inch Neoprene Travel Sleeve

If you have a small Chromebook and are looking for the most suitable small laptop sleeve, you should definitely consider buying this top-quality amCase Neoprene Travel Sleeve.

Key features:

  • Designed to fit small laptops and Chromebooks which are 11.6 to 12 inches
  • It is also suitable for e-readers and tablets
  • The sleeve is designed as a seamless wrap of neoprene impact foam which is highly efficient at absorbing shock and protecting the device inside from bumps and falls
  • The sleeve has a carry handle so you can carry it as a briefcase as well
  • The case has a large front storage pocket for adaptors, cables, and others
  • The dimensions of the sleeve (exterior) are 12.4 x 8.6 x 1.0 inches and it weighs only 8.8-oz
  • It comes in an elegant black color, suitable for work, or for any occasion
  • It costs just over $10


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