Office Chair Under 200 Dollars: 7 Best Models to Consider

No one said that you can only have a great office chair if you open wide your pockets and invest a lot of money in your purchase. One of the best things about the furniture industry is the release season, which happens at least once every year and floods the market with a lot of brand new models.

That doesn’t make great chairs that were released only one year ago worse, but their prices do skyrockets to the abyss decreasing over 100%. And we all are thankful and grateful when there is a big flood of great chairs being sold like bananas.

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Today you are going to be even more thankful for our list of the best office chair under 200 dollars available out there right now. With much less than that quote you can get refined, comfortable, top-selling chairs that are being sold out on promotions.

We compiled a total of seven chairs that are among the most purchased and well-rated models in most online stores. The chair not only must cost under 200 dollars but must be well-reviewed and highly sold out to be considered one of the besties.

Low prices most of the time mean low quality, but in our case here, all the items were once expensive to some extent. Bear in mind that there are hundreds to thousands of models under this quote available in the market, but many of them may not be any great because they are not on promotion, so they have never been really a top chair, they are just plain cheap.

So enjoy the convenience and check the seven best models that can be set on your house for a bargain.

How To Find the Best Office Chair Under 200 Dollars

To give you some autonomy on navigating around other options around the web and for yourself to make your own criteria among our list is important to have in mind some extra details apart from what we briefly talked about above when you are about to purchase or select interesting office chairs:

Brand New Products:

One thing that can help you find eligible chairs under 200 dollars apart from checking them on promotion is to immediately check whether the product is new or not. Be very alert about refurbished and used products as many retailers might not include this “feature” in the details, but rather in the page details about the product.

When a product is refurbished that doesn’t mean the model is bad, but the product might be. For the same price then you are able to find a brand new chair on the selloff.

Warranty Policies:

Another thing that might be masked on product details and even on a purchase deal overall is whether there is a warranty policy included or not. Some retailers might offer a quite obscene guarantees, others might be selling the chair for so low because there is no warranty and no refunds, even if the chair is perfect and of good quality.

Since they are already losing money selling off their stock, depriving customers of some rights is sometimes a strategy they can use to lose less. But that is not your problem, don’t hesitate to ensure your rights and don’t go so strong for bargains like this.

Newest Models:

Only when the price of the original chair drops significantly below that of its replacement will it be purchased again. However, this is not always the case, as some manufacturers release multiple new models throughout the course of a year, with little to no impact on the price of their previous model.

First, see if the brand has launched a newer model of the chair with better technology or additional customization choices, and then check out the cost of that newer model. Investing an extra $100 occasionally yields far better results.

7 Best Chairs with Reviews

SPACE Seating AirGrid Black Mesh Seat

Our second chair is a mesh alike ergonomic chair. This kind of office chair is really great especially because this kind of fabric is highly ergonomic and still is available for a low cost. The back of this chair ergonomically adjusts to the body and works up to 200 lb.

The seat has the same features even though the mesh is not an air grid alike fabric and has an extra cushion. The SPACE office chair is also more adjustable when it comes to tilt system for the back and seat. The manufacturer also supplies different kinds of casters as they are developed to meet specific kinds of floors.


  • Made of mesh fabric, the seat made of nylon alike mesh
  • 2-to-1 Synchro system for the tilt control
  • Includes arms that are adjustable
  • Many different kinds of caster systems


  • Ergonomic fabrics for low cost
  • The tilt system is one of the best features of our list of best office chairs under 200 dollars. You can adjust both back and seat reclining for great ergonomic results
  • The manufacturer supplies more than one kind of caster. Default ones are crafted for carpets.

Best Deal Depot Office Chair

You will hardly find a chair that is this comfortable, stylish, and made of leather for a price under 200 dollars like this one. Another top seller of our list, this office chair has an exclusive ergonomic design quite simple but effective, with upholstery made only on the simple leather (faux) cover.

Beautiful, modern, accessible, and resilient, this chair also has all the adjustable features that our previous counterparts showed up (tilt, pneumatic cylinder, starbase) and is on the other hand, one of the most beautiful ones on our list.


  • Mid-Back office chair made of leather
  • Adjustable tilt tension
  • Swivel function
  • Stainless steel frame and acrylic stylish armrests


  • Stylish, minimalist chair to fit all modern ambients
  • Upholstered on faux leather with an exclusive ergonomic and resilient system of cushioning.
  • You can adjust reclination, height, and more features

Serta Executive Office Chair

Like the first model of our list, this Serta office chair is developed following more traditional designs and is ideal for people who prefer more cushions than ergonomics, even though, yes, the chair is designed with ergonomics in mind.

The headrest is extra cushioned to absorb tension, the seat has a water wall design on the edges and the armrests are extra cushioned. This chair also has contoured lumbar support to adapt better your body to the chair. Nonetheless, a great chair for your back and is available for a killer price these days.


  • Headrest is extra cushioned for extra comfort in the
  • Made on plush beige fabric
  • Seat with waterfall edges
  • Armrests are extra cushioned
  • Star base with 5 casters


  • The layered body pillows design hugs the body for extra comfort
  • The whole chair has ergonomic shapes to facilitate blood circulation and reduce tension on muscles
  • The fabrics are a plush microfiber, extremely comfortable and soft for much more accessible prices

Giantex Gaming Race Car Style Office Chair

The last item of our list is this sturdy and likewise comfortable gaming chair that won’t work only for gaming at the computer. It might not be the most beautiful item for an office, but it surely is extremely comfortable.

With a swivel system, tilt control, adjustment of seat and back width, star base, and cushioned armrests, this chair is all made on black faux leather, its showy and its sportive design might not be extremely appealing for everybody, but the chair is still beautiful and has its own elegance and power.

It is also the chair with the biggest weight capacity on our list, up to 550 lbs.


  • Gaming chair made of black faux leather
  • Ergonomic design with an extra cushioned headrest
  • Cushioned armrests
  • Tilt, swivel, and casters system


  • Has a champ weight capacity of 550 lbs
  • Ergonomic design to endure several hours in front of the computer
  • Available also in red and blue

Alera Office Chair from Elusion Series

The office chair developed by Alera from the Elusion Series is our second air grid mesh chair, providing more ergonomic benefits for a few costs. This chair however has a larger back support, which adapts better to larger people as it offers more support for the whole back surface.

The tilt system on the other hand is more simple – it is not synchronized as the previous model. This chair is also a top seller and was first listed for almost $ 400. Today you can find it for less than $ 200.


  • Mesh fabric office chair with air grid large back support
  • Includes tilt system to recline the back of the chair
  • Adjustable height
  • Adjustable cushioned armrests
  • Star base with 5 casters


  • The seat is made with a special design using waterfall edges, this helps relieve pressure on your legs, working perfectly with the ergonomic air grid fabric of the back support.
  • You can recline the chair up to 20 degrees with the tilt system

AN-OC001 Ergonomic Desk Office Chair

The third air grid chair on our list is developed by Ancheer and is one of the best-rated chairs on our list. Different from our previous models, this one is more stylish and appealing to the eyes, even though it doesn’t offer more benefits than our previous air grid models, remaining as good as them.

The back support is as large as one of the Alera chairs, however, this one has no adjustable arms. It is developed for a default height of 170cm, so people too tall or too short might not enjoy this chair that much. Retailers however detail the measurements of the chair so you can make up your mind with no mistakes. This chair is a top seller nonetheless.


  • Back of the chair is made of air grid mesh fabric available in several different colors
  • T armrests
  • The padded seat on polyester
  • Nylon casters


  • Large air grid back offers more stability and comfort against sweating and body moisture
  • The whole chair is ergonomic and you can still adjust it for your desk height
  • Metallic parts are made of stainless steel.

Merax Modern High Back Office Chair

The Modern design developed by Merax for an office chair was initially listed for almost $ 300, but right now it is available for half the price on sites like Amazon. This chair is a great budget acquisition featuring everything a good office chair must have to work with your office ambient and your back: an extra comfortable cushion system on the headrest and lumbar support, adjustable armrests, adjustable tilt tension, swivel system, height adjustment, and a stable starbase. This chair is nonetheless a top seller and very well rated.


  • Office reclining chair made of PU leather
  • Star base with 5 different casters
  • Swivel system
  • Tilt system
  • Includes gas cylinder. armrests and headrest cushioned


  • Highly adjustable chair, you can recline it up to 20 degrees.
  • You can adjust the height of the chair to fit most desk patterns
  • Ergonomic design is developed to make your spine adjust naturally and comfortable
  • Available in several different colors


All the chairs we selected in this list have a great evaluation performed by online buyers. You can check better more specifications on the design, durability, and pros and cons of these models on the biggest online stores on the web, like eBay, Amazon, Walmart, and BestBuy, to quote a few.

The more relevant the online store portal, the better to view more relevant reviews

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