Best Paper Shredders of 2023

Are you worried about your bank information, your bills, your personal data, or other confidential info will fall into the wrong hands? With a reliable paper shredder, you can quickly resolve this problem.

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If you invest in a paper shredder like our favorite – the Fellowes Powershred 79Ci, you can securely destroy and dispose of any old documents, bills, credit cards, and even CDs and DVDs.

We have picked our top favorite shredding machines for you, so read on to find out more about your favorite paper shredders for 2023.

Fellowes Powershred 79Ci 100% Jam Proof Medium, Duty Cross, Cut Shredder

The Fellowes Powershred 79Ci is our overall favorite shredder for this year. This shredding machine is 100% paper jam-proof, no matter how much shredding you need to be done.

It can handle large volumes of documents, bills, and other papers which you want to be destroyed securely.

It has a shredding runtime of up to 20 minutes and requires 30 minutes to cool down.

It has a SilentShred feature, which allows for use of the device even in a crowded office or a home with people resting. It also has an energy-saving system which will save power during use, and when the machine is cooling down.

The paper shredder by Fellowes also has a SafeSense technology which will automatically shut it off if it senses that there are fingers and hands on the paper opening. This is perfect for households where there are children or pets.

The average shredding speed is 4.3 mph, and it can shred up to 16 pieces of paper simultaneously into security level P-4 cross-cut particles sized 5/32 x 1 ½ inches. Crosscut is much more secure than strip cutting.

The machine can shred stapled and paper clipped papers, as well as credit cards, DVDs, CDs, and junk mail.

The size of the Powershred 79Ci is 21.31 x 15.38 x 10.44 inches, and it weighs 28.2 lbs.

It has an easy to open and close pull out bin with a capacity of 6 gallons.

The machine is sold at a very reasonable price for the quality and performance offered, and it also comes with a 2-year warranty for the shredder and a 3-year warranty for the cutters, so you can rest assured that you are making a sound investment when buying this excellent paper shredder.


AmazonBasics 12-Sheet High-Security Micro-Cut Paper, CD, and Credit Card Shredder

The runner-up in our list is a reliable paper shredder by AmazonBasics which has a shredding capacity of 12 sheets at a time, but you can also use it to shred credit cards, DVDs and CDs securely.

The shredder will shred paper into miniature pieces of 5/32 x 15/32 inches at a rate of 6 feet per minute, so it is pretty fast and secure.

You can choose from the strip-cut, cross-cut, and micro-cut shredding types depending on the security level you want.

The AmazonBasics shredder has a 10 minute continuous run time, after which it requires 40 minutes for cooling down completely.

The shredding device has an auto-start function and requires manual reverse in case of paper jams.

The machine is fitted with a large 5.7 gallon pull out bin. It has a 9.1-inch paper feed for easy placing of paper, disks, and others.

The dimensions of this paper shredder are 10.24 x 14.17 x 20.04 inches and it weighs 21.1 lbs. so it is perfect for home use as well as for offices. Plus it has caster wheels so you can roll it around easily whenever you need to.

You don’t have to worry about the machine overheating because it will shut off automatically if the sensors detect that it is becoming too hot.

Overall, this is a reasonably priced paper shredder which does the job it is made for. Plus, it is one of the quietest of all shredders we have tested this year, so you won’t be disturbing others when you decide to use it.

Best budget-friendly option

Aurora AU650MA High-Security 6-Sheet Micro-Cut Paper Credit Card Shredder

We know that not everybody is ready to spend hundreds of dollars on a device such as a shredder, which is why we did our best to find the favorite budget-friendly option available for 2023.

The Aurora AU650MA will cost you less than $50, and yet you can rely on it for the secure destruction of confidential papers and credit cards. It will even handle stapled papers as well as small paper clips without getting jammed.

The Aurora shredder has the capacity of shredding up to 6 sheets of paper simultaneously into highly secure micro cuts of 5/32 x 15/32 inches.

Because to its built-in Shred Safe feature, which shuts the machine down if it senses an attempt at unauthorized access, you can use this paper shredder without worry of an accident.

There’s also a handy auto-start feature and an automatic shutoff in case of a paper jam. If the shredder detects that it’s getting too hot, an LED light will light up to let you know.

This inexpensive paper shredder may be used continuously for up to 2 minutes before it needs to cool down for 30 minutes.

The 3.7-gallon trash can can be easily emptied with one hand thanks to its lifting handle.

The size of this device is 12.05 x 7.32 x 14.84 inches and it weighs only 9.48 lbs.

This shredder is the perfect budget-friendly small-sized paper shredder for households where there are not large volumes of documents and papers which need to be shredded on a daily basis.

Our other favorite paper shredders for 2023

Bonsaii EverShred C149-C 18-Sheet Heavy Duty Cross-Cut Paper/CD/Credit Card Shredder

If you need a paper shredder which can handle large volumes of documents and other confidential papers, the Bonsaii EverShred is an excellent choice as it can shred continuously for up to an hour without overheating.


  • It can shred up to 18 sheets simultaneously
  • The device has a long runtime of up to 60 minutes of continuous use thanks to its Advanced Cooling System and Cutting technology
  • It will cool down for just 10 minutes
  • It will cross-cut shred paper into secure and tiny pieces of just 1/5 x 1-50/87 inches
  • The shredder can also destroy and shred CDs, DVDs, credit cards, and stapled papers
  • It can manage 5.3 feet of paper per minute
  • The opening is 8.7 inches allowing for easy entry of paper sheets and envelopes
  • The operation of the shredder is quiet – at only up to 62dB
  • A large pull out 6-gallon wastebasket, and a transparent window to monitor how full it is without opening it
  • 4 easy to roll caster wheels with brakes for better mobility and portability
  • An auto-start and an auto-reverse function to save you the hassle of dealing with paper jams manually
  • It has overloading and overheating sensors and protection
  • The size of the paper shredder is 14.17 x 11.22 x 21.46 inches and it weighs 23.11 lbs.
  • Sold with a 1-year warranty

Bonsaii Paper Shredder, Super Micro cut (1/26 by 5/21 inches) with 7.9 Gallons Wastebasket

If you need a reliable paper shredder that can handle some serious shredding for your workplace, this powerful shredder by Bonsai is possibly the great one you can get at this price at the moment.


  • It can shred continuously for up to 4 hours without overheating and stopping.
  • After 240 minutes of continuous use, this shredder will need just 10 minutes of cooling down before it can be used again.
  • Shreds documents into tiny micro-cut particles of 1/26 x 5/21 inches
  • Can shred 5 sheets of paper at the same time
  • It also can destroy credit cards, disks (DVD and CD), staples and paper clips.
  • Low noise of just 58dB
  • The shredding speed can reach up to 7.2 feet of paper per minute.
  • It has a jam protection system that automatically resolves jams by auto-starting and auto-reversing
  • It also has to overheat and overloading protection.
  • A large pullout waste bin with a capacity of 7.9 gallons requires less frequent emptying.
  • There is a separate smaller waste bin of 0.37 gallons for the pieces of shredded disks and credit cards.
  • Thanks to the transparent window, you can keep an eye on how full the bin is
  • Its size is 5.5 x 24.4 x 12 inches, and it weighs 28.6 lbs.

Final words

A paper shred is a must these days when people are becoming increasingly worried about their personal data, banking information, and other important info being stolen and falling into the hands of thieves.

We have selected the top paper shredders for home use for 2023 for you and hope that we have helped you find the best shredder for your needs and to give you peace of mind that your personal and financial data are secure at all times.

Good luck with your purchase, and we hope that your new paper shredder serves you well for years to come!

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