EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac Review

You probably don’t realize just how big a part of your life is stored on your computer’s hard disk until something happens and it crashes.

We all keep our personal files, photos, work files, and correspondence stored safely on our laptops or desktop computers, and unfortunately, don’t remember to make regular backups of all our essential info.

Whether it is a loss of personal files or business files due to accidental deletion or a problem with your hardware or software, the losses can be significant – emotional and financial.

Data Recovery for Mac

Thankfully, there is an excellent recovery tool that you can now try out for free, which will help you retrieve deleted information from your Mac computer.

The EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac Free is an excellent choice if you are anxiously looking for a way to restore your deleted files quickly, easily, and without changing their formats or loss of data.

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EaseUS Data Recovery has been a leader in the data recovery software industry for over 15 years. The company offers various recovery programs and apps, including data recovery for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices. You can also try out its backup solutions to ensure that your personal and work data is safely backed up at all times too.

How does the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac Free work?


Instead of panicking and losing hope that you will ever be able to recover the files on your Mac computer which for one reason or another have been deleted, all you need to do is download the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard and run this intuitive program to retrieve all of the lost data.

Thanks to the Free trial version, you can do so for free and recover up to 2GB of data without having to pay a cent for this valuable service.

The freeware can help you restore your lost files on any Mac-based hard drive, a USB, an SSD, a memory card, a fusion drive, and even from your digital camera’s internal memory.

Once you download and install the recovery software, all you need to do is run it.

You will be taken to a window with a drill-down list of all drives on your Mac or other memory hardware connected to it. The program can recover files on all types of drive formats, including FAT, NTFS, exFAT, APFS, HFS X, HFS+, and other basic and dynamic disks.

You can choose the selected drive and level and just hit “Scan.”

You will quickly be shown a list of all the deleted and lost files that can be recovered.

Thanks to its intuitive interface, you can find and view all of the deleted files in all formats, including doc, xls, ppt, xlsx, pptx, avi, jpg, jpeg, png, tiff, tif, mp3, mov, mp4 and more.

The free version of the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard will allow you to restore more than 1000 files for free.

The program has been designed to successfully recover files that have been deleted accidentally or lost due to improper formatting or from a RAW device. You can even restore files that are lost due to deleted or problematic partitions of the hard drives.

The program will help you restore your data, which can be lost due to an unexpected system crash, a ransomware attack, a power-off, improper removal of memory cards, and so on.

In fact, the program offers one of the most extensive ranges of file formats that can be recovered.

The pane will allow you to preview the files, as well as to select all of the recoverable files or choose only the ones which you want to be restored manually.

Once you have chosen the file, a should click on “Recover Now” and let the program do its magic.

You will get an option of restoring the files to the Cloud or to a local drive of your choice.

Once you pick the destination for the recovered files, you can let the program restore them to your hard disk, a memory stick, a card, or another source.

The good news is that you don’t need to be tech-savvy at all, in order to efficiently use the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac Free.

Apart from being user-friendly, the software is fast and runs smoothly, so anyone can use it with ease, and quickly restore their files that have been lost.

Another huge benefit of the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac is that you can add filters to your scan for deleted files, and choose only certain types, files of specific sizes, or those that have been created or accessed in a particular time period.


This will make the scan faster and will narrow down the search to the exact files you want to restore.

If you want to restore everything on a drive, then you can let the program do its deep scan, and it will list absolutely every file which has been found and which can be restored.

The Free version is a perfect solution for those of you who have lost several files or data up to 2GB in size. For the recovery of larger volumes, you will need to opt for the commercial version – the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac Pro. If you are a technical expert and need to use the tool professionally, there is a Data Recovery Wizard for Mac Technical, a commercial option too.

The other advantage of trying out the Free version is that you can see which deleted files the program can access and recover before deciding whether you want to pay a full license for the Pro or Technical versions too.

You can also import and export the results of the scanning.

The latest Free version 12.2 released in July 2021, offers an improved scanning and recovery quality for APFS, HFS+ as well as that from external devices.

Key features of the free version

  • Free scanning of all recoverable files, with a preview option
  • Free restore of up to 2GB of files to any drive or the Cloud
  • Capability to recover files of all types including  documents (Excel, Word, PDF, PowerPoint), images (jpg, jpeg, raw, png, Illustrator, Photoshop), audio (wav, mp3, Ogg, AIFF, AAC), video (avi, Mpeg-4, wmv, Quicktime), archives (Zip, RAR, Gzip, Stuffit)
  • It can restore files from all types of drives – FAT or NTFS (for Windows), HFS and HFS+ (for MAC), ExFat (for removable storage)
  • A very intuitive interface allows for quick or deep scanning, as well as filtering the search to file types, sizes, and dates
  • An ability to preview all recoverable files during the scan, so you can choose which ones you need
  • It can recover files from accidental deletions, corrupted partitions, formatting, viruses, power outages, improper removal of external hardware, and others
  • Suitable for recovering deleted files from internal and external drives and media
  • You can pick which drives to scan and check
  • Offers an opportunity to check which files are restorable before you purchase a paid plan
  • Flexible plans, payments, and licensing
  • Excellent fast recovery which can save you money, time, and a lot of frustration
  • The paid plans come with a 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee and remote assistance
  • Excellent customer service
  • Also available for Windows, iOS, and Android devices

Why switch to the Pro version?


If you have had a serious problem with your computer or other device and have lost all or most of your files, it makes sense to pay for the full Pro version of the Data Recovery Wizard for Mac.

With the paid Pro version, you can easily recover an unlimited volume of data and files, as well as receive free 1-on-1 remote assistance by IT experts from the company.

You can also use the Pro version to recover an iTunes backup, a Time Machine backup, recover the data to the Cloud, use the smart disk monitoring function, receive better data protection, and create a bootable USB drive when your Mac computer is not booting up.

The pricing and the plans

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Obviously, the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac Free will cost you nothing. The Free version is a perfect choice for an accidental deletion and loss of a few files.

If you want to have the tool handy at all times, or need to recover more substantial amounts of information, it makes sense to invest in the Pro version.

The monthly fee is $89.95 per month and is for one license per one Mac for a month. The Annual price for the Pro version is $119.95 per year and includes a license for one Mac, including updates all year long.

You can also invest in the Lifetime Upgrades option, which will cost you a one-time fee of $169.95, but you will receive a lifetime of free upgrades and free remote recovery service too.

The company accepts all the popular online payment methods and offers its products with a 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee. EaseUS promises its customers to return their money if the software is not able to recover their files.

For business needs, you can purchase the Technician plan, which costs $229 per year for use on multiple computers, or $399 for two years and use on multiple Macs. You can also invest in the one-time Lifetime Upgrades Technician Plan, which will be automatically upgraded for free forever, and can be used on various computers forever too.

The Technician plan is the best choice for corporate use, for service providers, technical consultants, and other IT experts and departments.

Final verdict

Can you imagine coming to work one day and realizing that all or most of the files and data you use for everyday operation as well as the archives of your business have been lost due to a computer system crash, a hack attack, a virus, or other hardware, software problems or human error?

In today’s world when most of our correspondence, day-to-day work data, financial information, and all other pertinent information is kept in digital form, it makes sense to invest in a reliable backup system for your data, and also in a data and file recovery program like the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac Pro.

This file recovery software is among the best on the market for restoring files that have been deleted accidentally or due to hard drive problems, formatting, and corrupt partitions.

The EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac Free is the best option if you have deleted some important files from your Mac operating system or another drive, and you want to quickly and easily restore them for free.

It is among the easiest to use file restore programs and is available for Windows and Mac operating systems as well as for iOS and Android.

You don’t need any technical expertise or special training in order to install and use the application.

Plus, you can narrow down the search for specific types of files, dates of access, and sizes, as well as get a quick preview of all the recoverable files, so you can pick the ones you want to restore.

The program will allow you to restore up to 2GB of files to the same disk or to a USB, Cloud, or another device.

It can scan any drive or storage medium and locate and restore files of any format.

Accidental deletions, issues caused by viruses or ransomware attacks, faulty partitions, inappropriate formatting, and other issues are all easily remedied with a free version.

It’s a great method to see what data can be recovered before committing to the more expensive, unlimited Pro or Technician services.

If you opt to upgrade to one of EaseUS’ commercial plans and the software is unable to recover the files you require, you can get a full refund within 30 days.

If you’re not great about backing up your files, whether they’re for work or play, and you occasionally experience data loss, then you should give the free EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac a try. You may either hope that nothing bad occurs to your Mac and hope for the best, or you can pay for one of the paid plans and be assured that your most important papers, photos, videos, worksheets, and other data will be recoverable.

In case, you are in charge of managing the IT hardware, software, and digital database and information of a business, then having access to the Pro or the Technician plans could be a true lifesaver in case of an accidental loss of data.

The program will enable you to restore the lost files so that your business can get back to normal in just a few hours.

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