The 5 Best 24 Inch Monitors in 2023

We have meticulously tested as many 24 inch monitors as we could get our hands on this year. As a result, together with our computer hardware experts and gamer friends, we managed to narrow down our list of the greatest 24-inch monitors for 2023 down to 5!

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Inch Monitor

Our top pick is the versatile, affordable, and customizable BenQ GL2460HM, which we recommend for any kind of use – be it gaming, working, browsing, or film viewing.

Read on to find out more about our top pick, as well as our choices for the prime 4K, 240Hz, curved, and touchscreen 24-inch monitors for this year.

Best 4K 24-inch monitor

LG 24UD58-B 4K UHD IPS Monitor

If you want to make a future-proof investment, it makes perfect sense to go for a monitor with the highest possible resolution.

First of all, this 24-inch monitor from LG has an Ultra HD IPS monitor, which with its stunning 3840 x 2160 pixels, will let you see even the tiniest and hidden details in every image or scene. The 24UD58-B produces spectacular colors, an excellent greyscale contrast, and amazingly accurate picture quality, which will bring joy to your eyes. The 10-bit IPS panel covers about 72% of the sRGB color gamut and has a 250 cd/m2 peak of brightness. The aspect ratio is 16:9.

It is a versatile monitor that will deliver superb visuals and a very satisfying performance, no matter whether you are working, watching movies, or playing a game.

The 4K 24-inch monitor by LG has a FreeSync feature, which you can use to connect to your AMD GPU for enhanced frame transfer and refresh rate and a tear-free gaming experience.

In fact, if you are a gamer, you will be happy to know that the LG 24UD58-B comes with several pre-set gaming modes, too including an RTS and two FPS modes.

The Black Stabilizer function will allow you to quickly adjust the brightness of scenes that are too dark so that you can see all of the details without this affecting the quality of the picture.  This function is especially useful for gamers who want to be able to spot the enemy first in those fast-paced dark scenes.

The monitor has a 5ms grey pixel response time, which will allow you to enjoy smooth and blur-free motion on the screen.

Actually, we were all impressed by one of the niftiest features of this UHD 4K monitor from LG – the split-screen function. It allows you to view two different visuals from two different sources, which is excellent for multi-tasking, or for viewing different content simultaneously. You can adjust the window sizes in accordance with your needs and preferences or leave the monitor to automatically adjust them for you.

You can also use the Picture in Picture mode to watch a video in a small and floating window while working or playing.

The monitor flaunts the trademark LG ArcLine stand, which provides increased stability and adds to its stylish design. It can be adjusted in height and tilted backward or forward for more comfortable viewing. It also has a dour VESA mounting hole pattern if you prefer to mount it on the wall or arm.

We must say that the LG 24UD58-B is gorgeous looking, with a very wide viewing angle, and an outstanding design that will be appreciated from all vantage points.

The On-screen control is incredibly useful and easy to use and is what distinguishes this monitor from the others in this range.

It has 2 HDMI and 1 DisplayPort, which all support 4K video transfer via cable.

Overall, this monitor not only looks gorgeous, but its performance will exceed your expectations, no matter whether you are looking for gaming, a work, or a multi-purpose monitor of this size.

With crisp images, vivid colors, amazingly intuitive on-screen controls, and various useful pre-set modes, game enhancement settings, FreeSync technology, and an incredibly sophisticated look, this 24 inches 4K monitor is definitely the leading one in this range. And best of all, its price is very reasonable given all the features and quality of the UD58-B monitor from LG.

Best curved 24-inch monitor

Samsung IT LC24F390FHNXZA

If you can’t resist the urge to buy a curved monitor but are constricted to a 24-inch size, then we have found the perfect solution for you.

As usual, Samsung stuns with the elegant contemporary design of this monitor. It has an ultra-thin black glossy body with a silver finish which will help add style to any décor. It definitely has that wow factor that curve screens tend to have and will become an excellent conversation starter every time somebody comes over.

The 178-degree curved panel has a 1080 Full HD resolution.  With a contrast ratio of 3000:1, this curved 24-inch monitor delivers stunningly vivid and vibrant colors, and thanks to the Active Crystal color technology, the blacks on this gorgeous curved screen are blacker than ever, and the whites are whiter than snow.

Thanks to the eye-saver mode, you can now spend hour after hour immersed in this amazing screen without feeling any strain in the eyes, because the monitor will reduce the harmful blue light as well as the flickering of the screen to a minimum.

If you are a gamer, you will surely appreciate the FreeSync technology of the Samsung IT LC24F390FHNXZA. Once you use it with your AMD video card via the HDMI port, your gameplay will become smoother and faster than ever. This is due to the dynamic synchronization of the frame rates of the content and the refresh rate of the screen for the elimination of tearing and stuttering, and for minimizing the input lag for faster gameplay.

This 24-inch Samsung curved monitor also has some excellent eco-friendly features including screen brightness and energy consumption reduction.

It has HDMI, AUX, and D-sub ports. It stands on a glossy base that can be adjusted in height for the perfect viewing position and angle.

If you have stayed away from curved screens because of their skyrocket prices, then fear not – this 24-inch curved monitor is actually less expensive than many of the other flat monitors of this size in this range!

It is a stylish and quite impressive monitor, which will be a true pleasure to use be it for gaming or for watching your favorite flicks or shows.

Best gaming 24-inch monitor

BenQ Zowie XL2540 24.5 inch 240Hz Gaming Monitor

It is a tad larger, but the BenQ Zowie XL2540 will blow your mind as soon as you start playing.

The 24-inch Zowie XL is also a bit more expensive than the other monitors that made it to our top 5 list, but it is definitely worth every cent you will pay for it.

This is a 24-inch gaming monitor with a stunning native 240GHz refresh rate, which will make gameplay smoother, faster, and better than you have ever experienced before. Thanks to the ultra-fast refresh rate, zero input lag, and fast response time, you will never have to go through the frustration of losing a game because the image is tearing up or stuttering and slow.

In fact, the response time of this gaming monitor is a mere 1 ms, so you will be able to react much faster than your competitors when playing.

You can also enjoy watching Full HD films and content without any motion blur or ghosting even while watching fast-action movies on this monitor.

It has 250 cd/m2 brightness, a 1000:1 contrast ratio, and a 12 million:1 dynamic contrast ratio.

The monitor has tactical side shields which will ensure that you are never distracted while playing, working, or watching something on the screen. You can adjust their angles or remove them, whenever you aren’t planning on using them too.

Thanks to the absolutely brilliant S-Switch, you can easily switch from one gaming profile to another depending on the particular scene or game you are playing for the greatest viewing and gaming experience.

The Black Equalizer of the BenQ Zowie will allow you to adjust any darker or black scenes momentarily so that you can see the enemy lurking in the shadows and every single detail which will put you ahead of your opponents.

You can further optimize your gaming performance and precision via the 20 pre-set Color Vibrance settings which are designed to meet the specific requirements of every type of gameplay and will definitely get you ahead in the game even further.

Thanks to the customized Game modes, you can choose and switch between RPG, FPS, RTS, and the other optional preset modes for the best gaming performance and experience ever.

This 24-inch gaming monitor has all the ports you will need – a DVI, two HDMI, a DisplayPort, 3 USB, and a microphone jack. You can connect your computer, and your headset, and even charge your mobile phone while you are using the monitor for work or play.

The stand can be adjusted with a simple touch of the finger, so you can fix the angle to the most comfortable angle and height depending on your seating and personal preferences. You can also mount the BenQ Zowie on the wall via the 100×100 VESA mounting hole pattern.

The frame of this gaming monitor has also been specially designed to revert and reduce any reflections and glare so that you can stay concentrated on what you are doing and so that you can see what is going on on the screen without any distractions.

It has two 2W built-in speakers for an even more immersive multimedia and gaming experience.

The monitor also has a number of eye protection technologies to protect you from sore and tired eyes even after an intensive gaming session. These include the Zero-Flicker and a low blue light filter.

Not only does this monitor work perfectly for computer games, but like all of the other monitors from the Zowie RL series, this one has been designed and fine-tuned to provide an exceptional experience for e-Sports, FPS, and fighting competitive gamers and Sony PS4 enthusiasts. So it can be connected and used with various consoles including PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Wii, and Wii U as well.

It also allows for the set-up of a head-to-head combat station where you will be able to give your greatest performance without being disturbed by your opponent.

In the end, we must say that when we tested the BenQ Zowie 24.5 we immediately had our hearts set on it and unanimously decided that it is the absolute top choice for gamers who want the absolute best of all the gaming monitors in this size range for this year!

Best overall 24-inch monitor for 2023

BenQ GL2460HM 24 Inch Gaming Monitor

The GL2460HM is suitable for gamers thanks to its very fast pixel response time of just 2ms GTG (grey-to-grey). It will eliminate any smearing or blurring and will make your gameplay smooth and frustration-free.

The monitor has a TN panel with a Full HD 1080 resolution, and an aspect ratio of 16:9 which makes it perfect for work, game playing as well as watching movies or other Full HD content.

The monitor has a blue light filter and ZeroFlicker technology which helps minimize any eye strain and fatigue, and will actually keep the eyes safe from damage from prolonged use. You can choose which Low Blue Light mode to use at any time via the nifty OSD key of the monitor.

The other OSD options available include Movie, Photo, Game, Eco, sRGB, and customizable User settings. You can also manually adjust the contrast and brightness as well as the sharpness, color temperature, gamma, saturation, and hue of the monitor from the buttons located on the back right side of the GL2460HM.

Its design is modern and will suit any setting. The slim bezel, paired with a glossy frame and base, and a carbon fiber pattern on the back will look great on your home or work desk.

The BenQ GL2460HM has two built-in speakers for an even better multimedia experience.

The 12M:1 ultra-high dynamic contrast ratio of this 24-inch monitor adds more depth to the colors and makes the blacks look blacker than ever. This makes this monitor an excellent screen for enjoying your favorite movies and playing the games you love.

The resolution at 1080 is 60Hz and 75 at a lower HD resolution. You get various connectivity options including a DVI, VGA, HDMI, a headphone, and an audio-in jack.

The screen is matte which will help eliminate the distracting and annoying reflections from the surrounding light sources and objects, so you can focus on what you are doing 100%.

The stand can be tilted 20 degrees back to 5 degrees forward for an even more comfortable and ergonomic viewing experience.

The BenQ GL2460HM is an affordable 24-inch monitor that is sold with a 3-year limited warranty. We recommend it for anyone looking for a versatile monitor that can be used for work, play, and multimedia.

It is safe for the eyes, looks great, and offers incredible blacks, vibrant colors, lightning speed response time, low input lag, and superb motion handling. All of which will make gaming, viewing movies, and working a much smoother, more fluid, and more enjoyable experience.

Best touchscreen 24-inch monitor

Dell P2418HT 23.8″ Touch Monitor

If you are planning on buying a 24-inch touchscreen monitor, our tests have shown that the Dell P2418HT 23.8 inch monitor is the top one offered on the market in 2023.

This monitor has a 10 point touch technology that will allow you to slide, pinch drag, or tap on anything on the screen for easier viewing and faster access and maneuverability.

Unlike other LED monitors, the touchscreen is made of advanced in-cell technology with an anti-glare surface rather than glass. This will allow you to use the touchscreen without distracting reflections and glare, and without leaving messy fingerprints all over your monitor.

Its stand will allow you to use and work with the monitor at any angle you want. In fact, you can position this Dell touchscreen monitor in a traditional standing position for viewing, or you can tilt it down flat at 60 degrees and use it as a writing surface.

This makes it a perfect tool for artists and designers who need to draw directly on the screen with the finest control possible.

The base is heavy enough to keep the monitor safe from toppling even when using it in a flat position and it has a very neat cable management system to keep your workspace nice and clutter-free.

The design of this unique monitor is more like that of the latest smartphones and tablets we are used to seeing and using. It has virtually no bezel and flaunts a 1920 x 1080 Full HD resolution. Its aspect ratio is 16:9, which is sufficient for all kinds of viewing and work.

Thanks to the IPS technology, the color resolution and accuracy are very satisfying, and the viewing angle is very wide, so you can see everything without distortion from any sitting or standing position.

The refresh rate of the Dell P2418HT is 60Hz. It comes with DVI, VGA, and DisplayPort connectivity options and has 2 USB 2.0 and 2 USB 3.0 and 3.5mm audio output ports as well.

You can mount it on the wall because it is 100×100 VESA compatible. The dimensions of this 24-inch touchscreen monitor are 12.70 x 21.20 x 9.30 inches, and it weighs 6.88lbs.

We love just how convenient this touchscreen monitor from Dell is, and are sure that all of you who can benefit from having a touchscreen monitor instead of a traditional one, will absolutely love the Dell P2418HT 24 inch Full HD monitor!

Features to keep in mind when buying a 24-inch monitor

Although 24-inch monitors have been considered to be the “golden standard” when it comes to size, price, and availability, there are still some features that you may be missing when choosing which one is perfect for you.

Here is what you should look for when shopping for a 24-inch monitor.

Size and dimensions

24 inches stands for the diagonal of the display, but the fact is that some monitors are bigger and bulkier than others. So make sure you look at the actual dimensions of the monitor and the footprint of its stand if you plan to place it on a desk or other surface or mount it on the wall.

Our list has 5 monitors that have different dimensions, and we have added a slightly larger 24.5 inch one – the BenQ Zowie and a slightly smaller one – the 23.8 inch Dell touch monitor which we considered the top choices in their categories in this size range.

Aspect ratio

Displays with the aspect ratio of 16:9 are the most common ones for 24-inch monitors, and this type of monitor will fit the format of standard movies and games, as well as with most other types of content. All of our top picks come with a 16:9 aspect ratio.

Wider displays are suitable for advanced gamers, and monitors with a 16:10 aspect ratio are the most suitable option for people who work with multiple documents and need more workspace.

Display resolution

Full HD has become a standard these days when it comes to monitors, but given the increasing availability of Ultra HD content, we have added a 4K 24-inch monitor for those of you who want to invest in the future – the LG 24UD58-B. But keep in mind that for a 24-inch screen, too much resolution can cause everything to shrink in a way that makes it difficult to read.

Overall, 1080p (Full HD) resolution provides very reasonable clarity, especially for smaller monitors like the 24-inch ones. Our top choice – the BenQ GL2460HM has a Full HD resolution, and so do most of our other top picks, and they all offer excellent picture quality!

Screen type

We have picked monitors with 3 of the most common screen types for you – flat LED screens, curved and touch screens on our list, so there is something for every taste and preference. The curved screens offer a more immersive viewing and gaming experience and look better than the flat ones, and the touchscreens are very handy especially if you work with graphics, documents, or need to edit or draw something directly on the screen.

Otherwise, flat screens are the most common type of monitors, so we have added our top picks in the different categories from this type too.

Brightness levels

The better quality monitors have a brightness level of 300-350 cd/m2. This can come in handy if you work or play in a brightly lit room. But too much brightness can strain your eyes, so a brightness of about 250 cd/m2 should be pretty sufficient for normal users.

Thankfully, all of the monitors which we have picked for you have eye protection features, including flicker-free screens, low blue light, eye saving modes, and others, to make it easier on your eyes, especially if you spend long hours working, playing, or browsing in front of the monitor.

Contrast ratio

The contrast ratio stands for the difference between the blackest black and the whitest white of a display. The higher the contrast ratio, the better, because the colors will be more distinguishable and sharper.  Our top choice – the BenQ GL2460HM has a very high dynamic contrast ratio of 12 million to 1, which makes it an excellent option both for watching movies and for playing games.

Refresh rate

The refresh rate of a monitor is measured in hertz (Hz) and actually means how often the image on the screen is updated. Most monitors have a standard refresh rate of 60GHz, but there are some which have higher refresh rates of 114Hz to 240Hz. Our top pick for a 24-inch gaming monitor – the BenQ Zowie has the highest refresh rate of 240Hz. This means that even the fastest-paced games and eSports will run smoothly, without tearing and without delays on the screen.

Just makes sure that your GPU and your hardware are capable of handling the high refresh ratio of the monitor if you want to get the effect you want without damaging or slowing down your system.

Response time

This measures the time needed for showing image transitions or the time which the display can change a pixel from being fully active to fully inactive and then back to fully functioning again. Monitors with a low response time are more suitable for watching action-packed movies, twitchy gameplay, and other fast-action activities because a low response time means less ghosting and a better quality of the fast-moving and changing image.

The response time is measured in milliseconds, and the best displays can switch pixels in a matter of a few or down to 1 ms, but make sure you need such a fast reaction time when you are buying a monitor.

Stand adjustability

For your comfort and the greatest viewing experience, you should look for a 24-inch monitor which has an adjustable stand. Most of the good-quality monitors have stands that can be customized in height, tilted, rotated, or swiveled.

Our top pick the BenQ GL2560HM is highly adjustable which is just one of the features we liked about it. Most of the other monitors in our list can be adjusted as well, and the Dell P2418HT can even be tilted down to a completely flat position to make it suitable for writing and drawing too.

Display viewing angle

While a 24-inch monitor’s audience is less likely to be as huge as that of a larger TV or monitor, a wider viewing angle is always welcome, since it allows viewers to sit further away from the screen and still see everything clearly.

If you’re going to be sitting dead center in front of the screen, though, you probably don’t care about the viewing angle. In fact, the BenQ Zowie 23.5 inch, which is our top recommendation for a gaming monitor, incorporates shields on the side to prevent the user from being distracted.

Panel type

The panel used for the display is vital for its performance and for the quality of the image. All of the panels used for making the 24-inch monitor screens have their pros and cons, and the different types are suitable for different users.

Twisted Nematic (TN) panels are the most common and inexpensive panels. Their colors can be a bit washed out, and they don’t have the widest viewing angles, but they provide the fastest response time which makes them irreplaceable when it comes to gaming computers, such as our top pick for 240Hz gaming computers – the BenQ Zowie 24.5 inch monitor.

The VA panels are better than the TN ones when it comes to color and viewing angles, but they can suffer from ghosting and are not as fast when it comes to response time.

IPS panels are the most expensive ones and provide the greatest image quality and colors, as well as the widest viewing angles. They have slower response times than the TN panels, but then again, not everybody is looking for a gaming monitor, right? The 4K LG 24 inch monitor and the touchscreen DELL monitor on our list both have IPS panels and offer unmatched color quality.

Ports and connectivity

The ports – inputs and outputs on the 24-inch monitor are essential, because if you don’t have the right ports to connect it to your computer or other devices, you may be faced with a serious problem.

Normally, a monitor will have HDMI and DisplayPort outputs, but some of the monitors still have the older DVI and VGA ports as well. USB ports are useful for connecting other peripheral devices, and streaming content to the monitor, and if you want to be able to attach your headset or headphones, look for suitable audio out port too.

If you want your monitor to display a 4K resolution, you will need at least an HDMI 1.4 output, and an HDMI 2.0 is required for a 60Hz refresh rate. These should be sufficient for watching 4K movies.

For gaming, you will need to use a DisplayPort 1.4 input for high refresh rates and a 4K resolution. USB-C can support a 4K resolution, but not as well as a DisplayPort.

As for the older DisplayPort 1.2, it is sufficient for handling 1440 and 1080 resolutions with a high refresh rate.

So, make sure you know what kinds of connectivity options you will need, as well as the types of ports your computer and other devices have before proceeding to buy a new 24-inch monitor.

The Variable-Synch technology

Gaming monitors can have either FreeSync or G-Sync technologies which immensely improve the performance when high frame rate content needs to be displayed. By connecting the FreeSync to an AMD graphics processing unit, or the G-Sync to the NVidia video card, the signal is synchronized, and the frame rate of the content is set to match the refresh rate of the monitor at an optimal level.

Perfect syncing will lead to a tear-free, fluid, and smooth performance, so you won’t be disrupted by any mismatches between the frame rates and the refresh rates.

In general, currently, NVidia’s G-Sync is considered the better option, but it is the more expensive one too. FreeSync too works well with AMD graphics cards and is the cheaper version of the two.

Both technologies will improve the gameplay experience, lower the input lag, and will allow you to react momentarily to any kind of situation, putting you ahead of your opponents in the game.

Make certain that your other hardware is up to date and can handle variable synching if you want to get the best out of your new 24-inch monitor.


You may be one of those people who doesn’t care too much about how the monitor looks. But let’s face it, you will be spending hours and days staring at it, so make sure you like how your monitor looks before buying it.

Also, if you are annoyed by any lights and distractions, you better opt for a 24-inch monitor which doesn’t have any indicator lights, or at least that are concealed or can be disabled.

Thin bezels are the new thing in 2023, so if you want to follow the trend, opt for a monitor with thinner bezels.

Most of the monitors on our list are beautiful and will complement any room perfectly. The curved LG monitor is a piece of art that will attract everybody’s attention, but the other monitors we have picked for you also look great and most importantly perform as great or even better than they look.

Take the time to look at the stand as well as the option for mounting the monitor on the wall or on another mounting unit, so that you can ensure that you are getting the one that will meet your expectations.

Black level and Black Optimization

The lower the black level – the better your gameplay and movie watching experience will be.

The BenQ Zowie and the LG 24UD58-B from our list have Black Stabilization or optimization functions which will allow you to momentarily optimize a very dark scene, so any hidden details or opponents become visible immediately.

This is definitely a plus if you love competing and love winning games.


You may have a soundbar, and speakers, or use headphones, but if you want a true multimedia experience, you may want to choose a 24-inch monitor which has built-in speakers as well.

Our list has several monitors with speakers including the two BenQ 24 inch monitors. Others have audio out ports so you can plug in your headphones, speakers or soundbar for a more immersive gaming and movie-watching experience.

What you will be using the 24-inch monitor for

This is the first question you should be asking yourself before buying a new monitor.

Some monitors come with all the bells and whistles which can be of use to some but are unnecessary for others. A high refresh rate can do wonders for gamers, but for casual users, it is not a necessity. Also, a split-screen function or variable sync technology, or the various preset gaming modes can be indispensable for some, but will only add to the price you are going to pay if you are not planning on using them.

So, ensure that you buy the 24-inch monitor which suits your needs and which has the features which you really will be using if you want to make a good investment and avoid overspending or regretting your purchase.


In general, the 24-inch monitors are pretty affordable, as compared to the larger ones. But of course, if you want one with unique features such as the top gaming monitor or the touchscreen monitor we have picked for you, you should get ready to pay a higher price.

Overall, all of these excellent 24-inch monitors are reasonably priced, and according to all of our tests, they are well worth the money they cost!

Final Words

We truly hope that you have approved our top picks for 24-inch monitors for 2023. Whichever one you pick, you can be sure that you are spending your money wisely, and that you will be getting the best for the price offered.

Good luck with your purchase and enjoy your new 24-inch monitor!

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