The 15 Best Laptop Stands of 2023

Do you feel neck and back pain after spending long hours hunched over your laptop? Or do you love spending hours surfing the web from your bed or couch?

A good quality ergonomic laptop stand is a must-have if you want to reduce neck, arm, and back pain and to be more comfortable and well organized when working or spending a longer time on your computer.

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There are so many types of stands for laptops on the market that it is effortless to be overwhelmed when choosing the perfect one.

We took the time to review a large number of these items and to ensure that we provide you with the list of 15 laptop stands on the market for 2023.

We made our choice based on a number of factors, including quality, price, versatility, adjustability, portability, size, and others.

We have picked our top favorites in a number of categories and are suitable for every purpose, so make sure you read on to see our final verdict!

Best overall

Rain Design mStand Laptop Stand

You will instantly fall in love with the stylish space gray sandblasted stand. It is made of a single piece of sturdy aluminum, which means you don’t need to assemble anything when you buy it. The design looks pretty simple, but it is actually quite ingenious.

It will raise your laptop, notebook, or monitor to a comfortable eye level of 5.9 inches, which will immediately alleviate your neck and back pain from slouching down to look at the monitor. Plus, it is tilted to bring the screen closer to your eyes.

The hole on the stand act as a cooler for your laptop, so you don’t have to worry about it overheating after prolonged use.

The stand features a black cable management hole, which will ensure that your desk or table is neater than ever with no wires and cables lying around all over the place.

This stand is very sturdy and can safely hold an Apple MacBook Pro, a MacBook Air, or any other 14 to 17-inch laptop which has a depth of fewer than 10.4 inches.

Its size is 10 x 9.3 x 5.9 inches, so it has a small footprint which will leave more free space on your desk for other stuff you need while you are working. You can store your keyboard under it too.

The overall style of this stand will be especially appealing for those of you who are Apple fans, as it closely resembles the style of Apple.

We can recommend this top-quality product to anybody who wants a simple yet ergonomic, durable, and functional stand for their laptop or notebook.

Best runner-up

Avantree Adjustable Laptop Table

For a great price, you will get a universal stand that can be used as a laptop workstation, a laptop or book bed or coach stand, a standing desk, and a tray for eating snacks.

You can use it as a standing desk if you want to improve your posture and avoid back and neck problems caused by sitting at a desk for long hours.

The Avantree is very easy to adjust. All you need to do is press the auto-lock buttons on their sides and then choose the height you prefer (it is adjustable from 9.4 to 12.6 inches). You can also tilt it to adjust the viewing angle to up to 30 degrees.

It is made of lightweight (3.28 lbs.), eco-friendly top-quality engineered wood, and can easily be folded flat for easy storage or portability. This means you can easily use it at home and take it to work with you so that you have your own portable ergonomic workstation handy whenever you need it.

No matter where you prefer to work or use your laptop for browsing or playing, the Avantree stand will come in handy and will provide you with the comfort you need.

The dimensions of the stand when unfolded are 20.5 x 11.8 x 0.35 inches, with a maximum height of 12.6 inches and a minimum height of 9.4 inches.

It can comfortably accommodate 17-inch laptops or 15-inch laptops along with a mouse.

The stand comes with a 2-year warranty, and the manufacturer offers friendly and useful customer care service and supports online, via phone, or by e-mail for your convenience.

We love this extendable, foldable, and tiltable laptop stand, and we are pretty sure that you will love it too!

Best budget

Allsop Metal Art Jr. Monitor Stand

It can hold laptops, monitors, consoles, printers, and TVs up to 40 lbs. You can use the space underneath it to store your keyboard for a neat and tidy workspace.

This stand is made of strong steel, which has a hole on its platform for improved airflow to keep your device from overheating. It has non-skid feet, which will keep the unit stable and yet won’t scratch or scuff your tabletop, desk, or other furniture.

It can be turned into an ergonomic standing desk as well.

The footprint of this affordable stand is 14 x 9 inches. Its height is 4 inches, which is perfect for keeping your laptop or monitor at eye height and thus improving the ergonomics and preventing fatigue and back or neck pain.

So, if you choose to buy this budget-friendly laptop stand, you will get a durable, comfortable, ergonomic, and versatile stand that will help you stay pain and fatigue-free and will help you organize your working space better.

Here are some of our other favorite laptop stands for 2023 suitable for different needs and purposes which we have picked for you.

Portable laptop stand

Nexstand Laptop Stand

If you need a stand that you can carry with you wherever you want so that you have a portable workstation whenever you need it, we strongly recommend the Nexstand portable laptop stand.


  • Will fit and hold all laptops which are 11.6 inches or larger
  • The height is adjustable via the 7 height settings from 5.5 to 12.6 inches, which means you can accommodate the stand so that your laptop screen is at comfortable eye height for better ergonomics
  • The stand is made of sturdy reinforced nylon and metal and has a capacity of up to 20 lbs., which is much more than the weight of an average laptop
  • Collapsible design – you can fold it and carry it in the nifty and compact nylon carrying sleeve the stand weighs a mere 8.2 ounces and is 1.5 x 1.5 x 14 inches when folded, so it is very portable
  • It has front rubber clips to keep your laptop safe on top of the platform
  • It is less expensive than other laptop stands in this range
  • Very easy to fold and unfold – you can set up your workspace in a matter of seconds and pack it back in your bag fast too

Best ergonomic laptop stand

Pyle Portable Adjustable Laptop Stand PLPTS25

We have picked this laptop and desk stand from Pyle as the greatest ergonomic one on the market because we love how adjustable and comfortable it is.


  • Versatile use – you can use it as a laptop, computer, console, DJ equipment, or another stand at home or at work.
  • Easy to adjust the height to bring the screen up to eye height level thanks to the 4 line-it-up bars – the height can be adjusted from 6,3 to 10.9 inches.
  • Ergonomic rising design for comfortable viewing and typing
  • Has anti-slip legs to keep your device safe at all times
  • Can be disassembled for travel, storage, and easy portability. The weight is 8 lbs.
  • Made of top-quality durable aluminum and other materials that can hold a weight of up to 44 lbs.
  • The footprint of the stand is 9,25 x 10.8 inches
  • Available at a very reasonable price

Best laptop desk

LapGear Lap Desk with Device Ledge, Mouse Pad, and Phone Holder

The LapGear Home Office Lap Desk is the perfect laptop desk you can find in 2023. It is elegant, multifunctional, and has all the features you need to work from your couch, armchair, or bed comfortably and efficiently.


  • It will accommodate laptops that are up to 15.6 inches in diameter
  • The overall surface of the laptop desk is 21.1 x 12 inches
  • A device ledge will prevent your laptop or tablet from sliding and moving around
  • There is a nifty vertical phone slot, so you can view your notifications without picking them up
  • The phone slot is 5 x 0.75 inches so it will fit most smartphones
  • The bottom of the desk is padded with a dual bolster cushion so that you will stay comfortable and cool
  • The desk has a built-in 5 x 9-inch mouse pad
  • The surface of the desk is designed to provide optimal air circulation to keep your laptop safe from overheating.
  • You can buy it in silver carbon, white marble, and espresso wood grain finishes.
  • The dimensions of the laptop desk are 21.1 x 12 x 2.6 inches
  • It weighs 2.94 lbs.
  • It is offered at a very reasonable price

Best vertical laptop stand

VIVO Single Laptop Stand

We love the adjustable, rotating, and tiltable arm of this desk mount laptop stand, as well as all of its other features, which make it our top choice for a vertical stand for laptops for 2023.


  • It has a ventilated tray that is 14 x 12 inches and can fit just about any laptop or monitor up to 27 inches.
  • The capacity of the stand is 22 lbs.
  • It has an adjustable arm that can tilt to 50 degrees and swivel or rotate to 360 degrees. Plus, its height is adjustable as well, which makes it suitable for desks and people of all heights, and also to place your laptop or tablet in landscape or portrait mode. You can choose the optimal angle and height for the best ergonomics.
  • A strong desk clamp allows you to mount the stand to any desk or surface with a thickness of up to 4 inches.
  • There are cable clips on the pole, which will help you keep all cables nicely organized and out of the way.
  • It requires very simple assembly, and all tools are included in the package.
  • Frees up space on your desk or other workspaces as it leaves no footprint on it

Best laptop stand for desk

X-Stand Laptop Stand

If you want a great laptop stand for your desk, then take a closer look at the X-Stand Steklo stand.


  • Made of top-quality aluminum with a sandblasted metallic silver finish
  • Flaunts a simple yet stylish design suitable for any office or home
  • Can hold laptops and MacBook’s from 12 to 17 inches
  • Raises the screen to an eye-height level which is recommended for better ergonomics and for eliminating back and neck pain as well as fatigue
  • Lightweight – 5.8 oz. and only 6.3 inches when folded for easy portability in your laptop bag and storage
  • Improves the air ventilation of the laptop and prevents overheating, which can cause slowing down, crashing, and damage to your computer
  • Takes up very little space in your workspace

Best DJ laptop stand

We have a specific article dedicated to DJ laptop stands.

Hola! Music HPS-300B Heavy Duty Professional DJ Tripod Stand

For all you aspiring and professional DJs out there – here is our top recommendation for a DJ laptop stand for this year.


  • The heavy-duty steel construction will hold most types of laptops, DJ equipment, and other devices safely.
  • The tray is 15.5 x 11.5 inches and has support lips on the front and back to hold the laptop steadily in place.
  • Can be used for placing wider equipment too
  • The height of the stand is easily adjustable from 33 to 53 inches and is safely locked in position via a safety pin.
  • The viewing angle is also adjustable for better ergonomics and more comfortable access or viewing.
  • Can be used as a laptop stand or for holding projectors and other heavy equipment too

Best adjustable laptop stand

Samson LTS50 Laptop Stand

If you need a heavy-duty adjustable laptop stand that you can rely on to keep you comfortable and your laptop safe, then pick the Samson LTS50 stand.


  • The sturdy steel tripod base can be adjusted from 30 inches to up to 4.5 ft. in height and locked via the strong locking latches
  • A nifty silicone surface on the tray will keep your laptop safely in place.
  • There are front and rear lips to secure the equipment, but the sides are open so you can place wider devices on the tray as well.
  • Adjustable viewing angle thanks to the tilt control of the tray
  • The tray is 15 x 11 inches and can fit just about any laptop, projector, or other equipment
  • Great for a standing desk, for DJs, or for presentations
  • Despite its heavy-duty construction, this stand is light and portable
  • Has rubber feet which will keep the stand in place at all times

Best versatile laptop stand

Monoprice BDS04 Medium Laptop Stand

We love versatile products, don’t you? Why not get a versatile laptop stand like the Monoprice BDS04, which can be used for various tasks?


  • Beautiful black glass design which will easily fit into any interior
  • Stackable design allows you to place it on a desk or create a shelf
  • Has a capacity of up to 80 lbs. thanks to the sturdy construction and the 8mm thick glass
  • The dimensions are 25.6 x 11.0 inches
  • It can be used as a stand for your laptop, a TV, for a monitor, PC, and as a table or shelf.
  • The height of the legs is adjustable

Best heavy duty laptop stand

Kantek Two-Level Laptop Stand (MS480)

If you are looking for a way to optimize your workspace, then you should definitely consider buying the Kantek Two-level laptop stand.


  • Can accommodate nearly any laptop, printer, monitor, or device
  • Has a sturdy and large platform of 17 x 13 inches
  • Its height can easily be adjusted from 3 ½ inches to 7 inches for a more ergonomic working position
  • Has a handy drawer to keep your files, paper, cables, or others
  • Compact footprint of 17 X 13 X 3 to 7 inches

Best laptop stand for couch surfing

Halter Lap Desk Laptop Stand

If you tend to spend hours working, playing, or browsing on your couch, you definitely could use a comfortable couch laptop stand like the Halter Lap Desk.


  • The angle of viewing and typing can be adjusted to 8 different angles for a perfect viewing experience and for ergonomics
  • It can fold flat for easy storage and space-saving
  • The dual bolster pillow on the bottom is comfortable for you and will keep your laptop steady and well ventilated
  • Its dimensions are 14.5 x 11 inches
  • The flip-up ledge is lined with rubber to prevent any scuffs or scratches
  • Has a built-in handle for easy portability and transport

Laptop cooling stand

AmazonBasics Ventilated Adjustable Laptop Stand

Keeping your laptop properly ventilated will help keep it running cool and reduce the risk of crashing or damage due to overheating. This is why this AmazonBasics Ventilated laptop stand is highly recommended if you want to optimize your device’s performance and prolong its longevity.


  • The platform is made of metal mesh which keeps the heat away from the laptop during use and ensures that it performs perfectly without crashing or getting damaged by the heat even after long hours of use.
  • The viewing and typing angle of the stand is adjustable from 12 to 35 degrees, which also helps improve the airflow.
  • It has a nifty 6-slot cord organizer to keep your desk clutter-free and neat.
  • The dimensions are space-saving (13 (L) x 11 (W) x 7.2 (H) inches)
  • The simple design is sleek and modern and will fit in with any décor
  • Has front retaining stoppers with padding to keep your laptop safe in an inclined position
  • Rubber protectors on the feet will help keep your furniture safe from scratches and damage
  • Sold with a 1-year warranty by Amazon

Best laptop stand for bed

Basics Adjustable Laptop Tray Table – Lap Desk Fits 17-Inch Laptop

If you love browsing the internet in your bed, you will definitely appreciate the TaoTronics laptop bed stand.


  • An adjustable angle can be tilted to 0, 15, 25, or 30 degrees for a perfect viewing angle in any position
  • The retractable blockers on the front will keep your laptop safe even when the platform is tilted.
  • You can adjust the height via the press of a button to 5 different height levels (9.5, 10.2, 11, 11.8, 12.6 inches)
  • The legs of the stand are retractable and can be folded for easy storage and portability.
  • Fits laptops up to 17 inches
  • Versatile use – you can use it as a desk stand, a bed or couch laptop stand, or as a foldable table for the children.
  • The dimensions are 23.6 x 13 inches

Why do you need a laptop stand?

If you work on a laptop for long hours, you probably know how uncomfortable and painful the experience can turn out to be. Whether you use your laptop on your lap, on a desk, or a table, you need to ensure that it is placed at a height level and at an angle that provides the best ergonomics. This will help reduce the fatigue and the pain in the arms, back, and neck of having to hunch down constantly to view the screen or to type.

The top of the screen should be 1 to 2 inches above the height of the eyes, and the keyboard should be just below the height of the elbows, according to health authorities. However, when using a laptop as it was intended to be used, on your lap, none of these ergonomically sound positions are possible.

The good news is that investing in a high-quality laptop stand can guarantee you the most relaxing experience possible while using your laptop.

For your convenience, we have compiled a collection of laptop stands designed to accommodate a wide range of devices and demands.

There is no need to worry about straining your neck, back, or arms when using one of these laptops stands because they are adaptable and made to put the user in the most comfortable position possible.

At the same time, a good stand should ensure that your precious laptop stays safe and sound in place as you are using it, no matter where you prefer to do so.

Our top picks include laptop stands which are suitable for desk work, couches, beds, or standing and for traveling, as well as for other specific needs you may have.

We have offered stands of various designs, shapes, sizes and with different features, so hopefully you can find the one which will suit you most.

The benefits of using a laptop stand

Here is a list of benefits that you can expect once you start using a stand for your laptop.

  • Better ergonomics

The stand will ensure that your screen is lifted at eye level which is the recommended position by health experts if you want to maintain a correct posture at all times. If you are sitting or standing properly, your shoulders will be aligned properly and you won’t be hunched over which causes strain to the neck and back.

Also, most of the stands on our list can be tilted, so that you can achieve both a comfortable viewing angle as well as a comfortable typing angle, which will help reduce the pain in the hands and arms as well.

  • Less fatigue and more productivity

If you are sitting or standing properly and don’t need to strain your eyes or body to see or reach your laptop, then it is less likely that you will get tired or fatigued quickly. This means that you will be much more productive if you use an appropriate laptop stand.

  • Cooling and ventilation

Most of the laptop stands on our list have cooling or ventilation mechanisms that will help keep your laptop cool even after hours of use. Overheating can lead to lagging, crashing, and even serious damage to your laptop, so it is definitely worth investing in a good-quality laptop stand that will keep the laptop cool in order to avoid costly repairs and replacements.

  • Portability

The stands from our list are all portable, which means that you will have the freedom to set up a comfortable working space wherever you go. Many of the models we have picked for you can be folded and carried around easily for your convenience. Some of them can even fit in your laptop bag.

  • Easy setup and store

The laptop stands we have chosen for you do not require complicated assembly. In fact, some of them don’t require any assembly at all. The adjustability of each of these stands is simple and doesn’t require special tools or skills. So, all you need to do is take the stand out, adjust the tilt, height, or other features and place your laptop on it.

The foldable stands are very easy to store as many of our top picks fold flat.

  • Additional features

As you have seen from the list of our favorite laptop stands for 2023, there are some which have quite nifty and cool features, such as cushions for your comfort like the ones we have recommended for use in bed or on the couch. Others have silicone mats to keep the laptop in place, or mouse pads, drawers, cable management systems, and other great features.

  • Versatility

The majority of the stands we’ve included in our guide are adaptable, as you may have observed. You can put them on a standing desk, a couch, a bed, or a desk. Many of them are suitable for carrying monitors, projectors, DJ equipment, TVs, and other devices. Some of them function both as tables and shelves.

  • Nice design

Laptop stands are quite stylish and will add some chic and beauty to your home or office. Pair your modern laptop with a sleek laptop stand and you will have a fabulous workspace that will be a joy to the eyes.

Features to look for in the perfect laptop stand for you

We have done everything to single out the most important features which every laptop stand should have, and have taken them into consideration while compiling our top 15 list of laptop stands for 2023.

Here is what to look for when shopping for a stand like this:

  • Ergonomics

The most important purpose of a stand for laptops is to keep your device at the appropriate eye level and hand level, so that your shoulders, neck, back, arms or eyes are not strained during use. So, make sure that you pick a stand that can hold your laptop at a level, viewing angle, and position which is the most comfortable for you. An ergonomic stand will help decrease fatigue and soreness in your body after long hours of uncomfortable seating and hunching.

  • Size and compatibility with your laptop or another device

Make sure that the laptop stand has a large and wide enough tray to fit your laptop, and that it has the capacity to hold it safely. We have picked stands that work with nearly all types and sizes of laptops, but please check our reviews to verify that the stand you have picked is compatible with your computer. Also, consider your seating position and your height when picking a stand.

Plus, keep in mind the dimensions and the footprint of the stand to ensure that it will fit the place you have allocated for it and that it won’t take up too much space if space is an issue for you.

  • The material

Depending on how you plan to use the stand, choose one which has the appropriate weight so that it is comfortable for you. If you want a portable laptop to carry around in your bag or a stand that will hold your laptop while you are relaxing on the sofa, it is a good idea to pick a model which is light and portable. We have picked the top portable and suitable stands for couches and beds for you on our list.

We have also added some heavy-duty stands which are not as portable but add stability to the laptop or another device, for people who want to use it as a DJ stand, a projector holder, or who are not planning to move it around too much too. Check out our heavy-duty and DJ stand choices for more information.

  • The style

Again, keep in mind where you will be placing the laptop and who you will be using the stand before choosing one. There are stands suitable for desks, beds, sofas, for standing, and other types which you can pick from in our detailed top 15 list above.

  • Ease of use and storage

If you don’t want to be bothered with complicated assembly procedures, it is a good idea to invest in a stand that requires little or no assembly, and which can easily be adjusted or folded for better storage. We have picked quite a few foldable stands for you as well as stands that require no assembly like our top best pick, and several others.

  • Adjustability

Most of the stands we’ve included are height-adjustable and may be angled to improve your viewing experience. You can easily alter the settings of an adjustable stand to suit your height, the size of your laptop, and your personal tastes, making it a lot more flexible and useful piece of equipment.

  • Cooling and ventilation

We have chosen stands that provide sufficient cooling and air ventilation for your laptop in order to protect it from overheating which can lead to slower performance, crashing, and some serious damage to the computer. So, always make sure that you choose a laptop stand that has an air vent or a cooling feature to keep your laptop and your data safe.

  • Sturdiness and stability

Always look for a stand that is sturdy enough to hold your laptop safely, and one which has non-slip legs to keep the stand in place during use. The stands in our list are all made of top-quality materials, with sturdy constructions, and provide safety for your laptop and for your furniture and flooring as well.

  • Other features

We have added a few stands with pillows on the bottom which is a great feature if you use your laptop on your lap – both for your personal comfort as well as for the cooling of the laptop.

There are also stands that have features such as rotation, stackability, drawers, mousepads, silicone mats, media holders, and options for cable management which are very useful as well.

  • Price and warranty

The different stands on our list are in different price ranges. We have a laptop stand that will fit in any budget, so take a look at our top budget-friendly option if you are not willing to break the bank, or pick one of our higher-end choices if you don’t mind spending a bit more on a good quality stand for your laptop.

DIY laptop stands

If you don’t feel like spending money on a laptop stand, you can make one yourself from stuff that you already own.

Here are some clever ideas for making your own DIY stand for your laptop:

  • Use old textbooks or other books you are not reading, and customize the height and tilt according to your needs
  • Use wine corks to keep the laptop off of the table or desk
  • Make your own PVC pipe stand to hold your laptop at a height and tilt in accordance with your position
  • Use an old ring binder to elevate and tilt your laptop
  • Improvise, until you get the results you want with any other objects at home

If you don’t want to be bothered with improvisations, pick one of our top choices for the best laptop stands for this year.

Final Words

Thank you for reading, and we truly hope that you have identified the laptop stand which will be perfect for you from our top 15 list.

You’ll never go back to using your laptop on your lap or a regular table after trying out a laptop stand.

You’ll feel refreshed and less achy even if you spend most of the day sitting at a desk.

With a stand, you may reduce clutter and feel more at ease at your desk.

The safety, ventilation, and performance of your laptop computer may all be maintained with the aid of a good laptop stand.

So, go ahead and order one of these wonderful stands for your laptop, and your neck, back, shoulders and eyes will be thanking you pretty soon!

Have fun and enjoy your new stand!


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