Top 8 Best Lenovo Laptops to Buy in 2023

When classic design meets outstanding innovation, users become spoiled by choice. It is a decade since IBM stopped making ThinkPad laptops; however, you are still likely to see the powerful machines in the industry halls. Thanks to Lenovo.

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Formerly known as Legend Computers Beijing, China, the company still produces the much-regarded laptop line, coupled with its most beloved AccuType keyboard.

Besides, the longevity of ThinkPad is due to its inimitable rugged keyboards.

Beyond the classic black ThinkPad slabs, Lenovo nowadays has a wide range of products to choose from. Yearly, they continue to innovate and bring up radical designs.

What are the companies’ major product lines?

Well, to understand the production line of this giant company, let us look at some of the primary product lines.

  1. Idea Pad: These are the mainstream consumer laptop produced by Lenovo. Its prices range from low-end budget to more premium depending on the specifications of the PC.
  1. Legion: If you are a game lover, then probably you should try the legion out. It offers solid performance at a reasonable price.
  2. ThinkPad: In the business world, Lenovo laptops have the greatest keyboards. Also, many of them have extremely long battery lives. They are a perfect choice for your usage, even if you do not intend to use them at work.
  3. Flex: a full-featured 2-in-1s, which is less expensive than Yoga.
  1. Yoga: The premium version of 2-in-1s. They have a classic design, a durable battery, and colorful screens.

Take, for instance, the rotating screen Yoga family, which has influenced significant players in the market like Dell and HP to adapt their primary mechanism in designing their 2-in-1 convertibles.

Besides, the Miix models of the inexpensive laptop/tablet are detachable, giving Microsoft Surface a run for the money.

Best Overall: ThinkPad X1 Yoga

ThinkPad X1 Yoga is an accurate definition of versatility. It works just as expected by accommodating your environment through a 360-degree hinge. Besides, it features a built-in, rechargeable pen with a full ink capacity in all the office 360 apps.

With 1920*1080, 14-inch pixel IPS display, Intel; core i5 processor, 256GB SSD, and 8GB RAM, X1 Yoga is a full package. Besides, the laptop is built for business and tested for your lifestyle against 12 military grade requirements and passes more than 200 quality assurance checks.

The X1 is engineered to survive the bruises and bumps of life. With the Qualcomm Snapdragon x7 LTE available, you need to worry about Wi-Fi connection as you still have connectivity to your favorite apps and data in the cloud.

The x1 delivers up to 15 hours of battery life. However, if you are running low, its rapid charging feature provides 80% capacity just within an hour.

Nonetheless, depending on your environment, x1 Yoga has a mode to suit the occasion, whether you are in a tight-elbowed seat of a flight, on your couch, or on a bumpy train ride, the 4 convenient methods of the 2-in-1 are just awesome.

If you are fond of forgetting your passwords, well, you need not worry much. With Windows 10 Hello, there is no need to remember a password as you can use the fingerprint scanner or use the new infrared camera with advanced facial recognition technology to log in to your ThinkPad X1 Yoga.

Additionally, it is available with Microsoft Windows 10 Pro Signature edition; thus, there is no more trialware on your PC, provisioning for IT pros.

Now this explains why ThinkPad X1 Yoga is the best overall.

Best Budget: Lenovo Flex 11 Chromebook

Today, the Chromebook occupies a unique space in the market. On the one hand, they are not robust or flashy like other models, however, they are exceptionally affordable, and thus you afford to overlook some performance quirks.

Ultra-portable and versatile, the Flex 11 2-in-1 Chromebook is a fusing tablet with a punch of a PC. Also, an ARM processor built for seamlessly running the apps on the background from the Chrome Web Store powers it.

What is more, it has a 360-degree hinge, which allows a user the flexibility to shift between four dynamic modes.

Besides, Flex 11 has a multi-touch display that is easy to use. It supports 10-point multi-touch. For instance, it responds to the gestures that involve all of your fingers acting simultaneously for a smooth, responsive touchscreen experience.

What is more, it has an anti-glare technology that reduces eyestrain, and sharing your screen with your colleagues is just worthwhile since the IPS technology delivers brittle images across a wide viewing angle.

Moreover, Flex 11 can withstand falls of up to 2.4 feet. It is sturdy enough to withstand the rigors of the day.

What is more, its ports are reinforced, and the touchpad is sealed off to protect it against any accidental spills. The keyboard is water-resistant, and it uses innovative internal channels beneath to divert away liquid from electrical components.

Even if you leave your power cord at home, Flex 11 has a battery life of up to 10 hours.

Notably, Chromebook Flex 11 runs a 2.1 GHz processor with 4GB DDR2 RAM that is not lightning fast since Chrome OS is a lighting system.

At just less than 3 pounds, Lenovo Flex 11 Chromebook is easy to carry around, and a more interesting bit, it has an array of ports that you can use for various functions, including a type-C USB port to charge your phone.

Best for Business: Lenovo Ideapad 510

When it comes to manufacturing laptops, none beats Lenovo.

In 2005, Lenovo purchased IBM’s PC business, and since that time, they have had their primary focus on serving the business community. Lenovo 510, the new addition to the Lenovo family, is a perfect successor to the ThinkPad of the previous years.

Performance: It is offered with a variety of configurations to match your pocket. Ideapad 510 comes equipped with a 940MX 4G NVIDIA GeForce discrete graphics. It is perfect for big-game performance and video editing.

Usability: The 510 has many features that make its use easy and stress-free. If the environment you are in is low-light, you can use the backlight keyboard in performing a slideshow presentation or plating movies.

Moreover, it has an HD webcam, which is excellent for face-to-face interactions, no matter how low the lighting in the place is or where you are. It provides you with a full 4 hours of video playback, which makes your business travel pleasurable.

From the keyboard, the metal palm rest is crisp and smooth to the touch, making long time typing sessions more comfortable.

Ideally, Ideapad 510 feature-packed Intel core i7 processor with built-in security features to take your productivity and creativity to the next level. The ultra-fast 802.11ac Wi-Fi lets you connect to the internet whenever you need it.

Apart from the fast connectivity and pressing power, Ideapad 510 has a storage capacity of 1Tb; hence, there is no need to buy an external optical drive.

The laptop comes preinstalled with a DVD/CD RW drive, so you may watch movies and listen to music without being connected to the internet.

One of the newest versions of chips now on the market is the built-in DDR4. It has improved efficiency, greater dependability, and lower power usage.

In a nutshell, the Ideapad 510 is a formidable machine by itself.

Also, the Lenovo Kensington MiniSave cable lock works flawlessly with the 510. As a result, you won’t have to worry about your laptop getting stolen while you’re at work or school.

Together, the improved lock head technology and the convenience of the push-button provide the maximum protection against theft.

Ideapad 510 runs on a Windows 10 platform and has a 15.6 inch. With an IPS display of a 9120*1080 resolution. On its units, the laptop has one USB 2.0, 2 USB 3.0, an audio jack, HMI, VGA, a 4-in-1 card reader, and LAN.

Admittedly, though, it is a little heavy, weighing about 4.8 pounds, although the weight matches most of the business laptops.

Best for Portability: Lenovo ThinkPad 11e (5th Gen)

Arguably, the 5th Gen of Lenovo’s ThinkPad 11e is designed purposively to be used on the go. With an extra durable design, the 11.6” laptop is engineered to withstand rigors. ThinkPad laptops are tested against 12 military-grade requirements.

Moreover, they pass nearly more than 200 durability tests. Also, the ports of the computer are reinforced using rubber bumpers to take care of the corners from being damaged.

The keyboard houses a mechanically anchored key to prevent trembling fingers from praying off. Besides, the laptop is water-resistant. Should any accident occur, this robust PC is built to withstand bumps and drops from up to 3 feet.

Starting from 1.36 Kg to about 2.99 lbs., the new 5th generation ThinkPad 11e laptop is light enough.

Thus, it should not bog you down. Besides, the 11.6-inch HD display has anti-glare technology that reduces eyestrain and allows you to work longer on the machine without getting eyestrain due to too much light. ThinkPad 11e boost of extended battery life of about 12 hours.

Thus, there is no need to carry the power cord as you can go around your activities without getting worried about your battery running low.

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Best Gaming: Lenovo Y700

In the heat of the game, underperformance is not an option. Today, when most people think of gaming PCs, Lenovo never crosses their minds. However, if you want to experience intense and immersive gaming, then Ideapad Y700 is your choice.

Powered by a quad-core, discrete graphics, and complete multimedia with high definition display you will have the best gaming experience ever. The game heats up; you do not worry since the Y700 has thermal cooling.

Within the digital arena, your gear holds the key to your survival. Hence, with the UHD anti-glare and HDD options, the Y700 provides you with discrete NVIDIA graphics as a standard. As well, has multiple ports for your gaming peripherals.

Best 2-in-1: Lenovo MiiX 520

In response to Microsoft’s famous surface line, Lenovo embarked on manufacturing a tablet PC server. The laptop in itself is a supercharged tablet; however, there is a keyboard that attaches via a super sturdy, piece watchband hinge that serves as a case to fold when it is shut like a laptop.

The MiiX 520 is powerful and versatile. At the same time, it is flexible. Are you feeling to be creative? Grab the Lenovo Active Pen 2 and draw or write on the screen.

Additionally, if you are chilling out, detach the keyboard for a super-rich multimedia tablet with a stunning 12-inch crisp display and sound.

If you need any help, ask Cortana- your digital assistant. The computer has seamless quad-core processing and advanced mobile network connectivity, and the Miix 520 lets you do anything, anywhere.

Besides, if you are in need of an effortlessly portable ultra-thin sleeker, then Miix 520 is your choice. In addition, it features a modern one piece of aluminum alloy body, which compliments your lifestyle wherever you go.

Available in an array of colors, you only need to decide the color that suits you most.

What’s more, Active Pen 2 has 4,096 levels of sensitivity. With just some strokes of the pen on the screen, you are capable of posting and updating social media, reply to emails, or generate directions, and tracing routes on big maps efficiently.

Interestingly, if you have handwritten notes, the MiiX 520 can read and transform them into reminders. Besides, the notes can be synced across all your Windows devices.

Miix 520 delivers unmatched power for a 2-in-1. It features the latest eighth Generation Intel quad-core processing power and up to 256 GB PCIe SSD storage. As such, you are guaranteed exceptional responsiveness, performance fast boot-ups, and transfer times.

Additionally, with 8GB of memory, you are capable of running many apps without the fear of getting a lag.

If you want to watch videos, Miix 520 gives you up to 150 degrees viewing angle. The hinges are made from 280 pieces of stainless steel that provide the hooks with flexibility and strength. Right now, we live in a 3D world why settle for less?

With an optional Worldview camera, you are capable of scanning objects in 3D. With the 3D capabilities provided by Windows 10, nothing can ever be much more natural and within sync, than it is with the perfect Miix 520.

Best Ultrabook: Lenovo Yoga 920

Lenovo Yoga 920 by far in the list is the most substantial PC, with a price tag to match. The PC is boldly individual offering excellent performance. The Yoga 920 is in its league, with a standout style and immersive entertainment.

When it comes to entertainment, the Yoga 920 offers a wide viewing angle of the 4K display. It features a thin 5-mm vertical Bexel razor.

Moreover, just like you, the Yoga 920’s intricate watchband hinges rotate smoothly to suit the occasion, with a precise enough resistance to provide stability to your perfect model of choice. Within the hinges, rest the Wi-Fi antenna and air vents that ensure uniform smoothness across all surfaces.

Moreover, the design of Yoga 920 is capable of protecting your processor from dust damage.

Yoga 920 comes in a platinum silver and weighs about 3 lbs. The ultrabook comes with the latest 8th Gen Intel Core i7 processor coupled with a 1.8 GHz of quad-core performance. If you pair that with 16 GB of RAM, you have a powerful pro machine capable of doing standard computing including video editing.

In addition, the machine has a massive 1Tb SSD, and because of the solid state, the processing speed is further increased. The display is 13.9 inch with a 3840*2160-pixel resolution. With finality, Yoga 920 is an excellent machine with a breadth-taking Ultra-book processor.

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Best Battery: Lenovo ThinkPad T460

ThinkPad T460 is a great choice concerning the battery life it offers. The battery can go up to 18 hours under normal and optimum working conditions.

Powered by an Intel Core i5, 4 GB RAM 2.3 GHz processor, and 500 GB HDD. Lighter than the previous generations, T460 has added features for robust business productivity.

Besides, it features fully customizable discrete graphics, immersive audio, and storage options.

Starting from a mere 1.72 kg and 21mm thick, the laptop is great for on-the-go endurance. Apart from the 18 hours of battery life, Bridge Technology combines an internal battery with a hot-swappable battery. Hence, it provides flexibility allowing you to switch batteries without powering down your PC.

As well, you can configure the T460 on your laptop with a 1920*1080 anti-glare display with an IPS and get to enjoy the premium visual experience. The IPS technology allows for 180 degrees and bright color viewing angles.

Altogether, it has an excellent response time, stereo speakers with Dolby, and a home theater that provides increased audio volume without distortion. Thus, you can enjoy a bright, crisp, and immersive surround sound experience.

Tested against military tests like durability, ruggedness, and quality and it passed, it, therefore, means that the laptop is ready for anything. Also, it has fingerprint readers that give you an option for logging in using your biometrics.

For business personalities, T460 offers a high-quality web-conferencing experience. With a low-light 720p HD webcam, the laptop has a wide viewing angle and face tracking coupled with noise cancellation microphones. This machine gives you the perfect enhanced conference experience.

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