The 6 Best Ergonomic Foot Rests for Under the Desk in 2023

Do you spend hours sitting or standing on a desk, and end up with swollen or numb feet and legs?

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A good under desk foot rest like these in our list can help you maintain a healthy posture, and improve the circulation of blood in the lower limbs. They can also help to prevent straining of the tendons and ligaments, reduce lower back pain, and so on.

Under Desk Foot Rest

Since there are so many different types of footrests available on the market, we have compiled a list to make your choice easier

Read on to find out more about their pros and cons, and also their main features, so that you can find the most suitable one for your specific needs.

The best overall

HUANUO Ergonomic Footrest – Under Desk

The Huanuo Ergonomic Footrest is one of the best under desk footrests you can buy in 2023. It will make you feel comfortable and active at the same time, while you are sitting at your desk.

Stepping surface size: 10.2 (L) x 8.7 (W) inches

Height: 2 heights of 3.9 or 2.7 inches

Weight: 2.4 lbs.

Warranty: 1-year

The Huanuo ergonomic footrest is an ingenious footrest, that you can use to support your feet while working. At the same time, it allows you to perform easy movements thanks to its rocking motion design.

You know how the feet can get all numb and swollen after spending hours sitting at a desk, right?

Well, with this affordable footrest you can ensure that your legs are both rested but are moving too. This will improve the circulation of the blood, prevent swelling, and reduce the risk of blood clots in the feet.

The two legs which support the Huanuo footrest are curved on the sides, which allows for smooth and gentle rocking motion.

The height of the footrest is 2.7 inches on the lower side and 3.9 inches on the higher one. This will make it perfectly comfortable no matter how tall you are. There is no need to turn any knobs or manually adjust the height of the footrest. All you need to do is simply flip it to the other side to pick the higher or the lower side.

The overall size of the product is 13.8 (L) x 8.7 (W) x 3.9 or 2.7 (H) inches.

This inexpensive under desk footrest is made of rubber and plastic, and thus it weighs only 2.4 lbs. making it portable and easy to carry. Its stepping surface has a massaging texture so you can massage your feet while you sit, for a soothing and anti-fatigue experience.

The rocker footrest comes with a 1-year warranty. It is easy to assemble and disassemble, and you can easily carry it with you to work and back home.


  • Sold at a very affordable price
  • Very sturdily built
  • It weighs only 3.3 lbs.
  • It has two height options without any adjustments needed – 2.7 or 3.9 inches
  • It allows for performing soothing rocking movements while you are sitting
  • By keeping your feet moving, you will improve your blood circulation and reduce swelling or blood clot forming due to sitting all day long
  • The stepping surface is excellent for massaging your feet as you sit
  • Very easy to assemble
  • Sold with a 1-year warranty


  • It will not withstand standing on top of it, so it is not suitable for standing on desks

The runner-up

Eureka Ergonomic Tilt Adjustable Footrest 

The Eureka Ergonomic Tilt Adjustable under desk footrest will provide your feet with the perfect angle for added support. You also get the opportunity to stretch and move periodically without having to stand up.

Stepping surface size: 15.3 (L) x 11.8 (W) inches

Height: 3.4 inches

Weight 4.7 lbs.

Warranty: No information available

This is another ergonomically designed under desk footrest. It has a large stepping surface, so you can rest your feet comfortably, even if you wear a big shoe size.

The stepping surface has grooves that will gently massage your feet if you prefer to sit barefoot or wear socks while working on your desk.
The footrest is made of sturdy metal and rubber. The stepping surface is attached to a stable platform that can be tilted. With some effort, it will allow you to stretch your feet from time to time while massaging them. When you don’t feel like stretching, your feet will remain comfortably, standing on the under desk footrest without any unwanted rocking motion.
The footrest can tilt from 20 degrees to one side to 20 degrees to the other.

It has rubber-coated feet which will protect the floors from getting scratched or damaged and will help keep the footstool in place even if your desk is on a slippery floor.

Overall, this is a very well-built footrest, sold at a very reasonable price. It provides sufficient space for resting your feet under the desk, as well as an option to massage them and stretch them, in order to prevent them from becoming numb or swollen from all the sitting.


  • A large stepping surface of 15.3 x 11.8 inches
  • Comes with a perfectly comfortable 20 degree tilt out of the box
  • A grooved rubber surface for massaging the feet
  • It can tilt with some effort, so you can stretch your legs, and improve your blood circulation while working on the desk
  • It is made of premium quality metal and rubber
  • It has an anti-scratch foot coating to protect your floors


  • The height is 3.4 inches, and it is not adjustable, even though you can tilt it to one side or the other

The budget-friendly option

VIVO Black Ergonomic Height Adjustable Standing Foot Rest

The VIVO Height Adjustable under desk footrest is the perfect choice for short people, or for people working on standing desks, as its height can be adjusted from 5 inches up to 10.25 inches.

Stepping surface size: 15.7 (L) x 9.8 (W) inches

Height: adjustable from 5 to 10.25 inches

Weight: 8.05 lbs.

Warranty: 3-year warranty

The VIVO Ergonomic height Adjustable under desk footrest may not be the prettiest one on the market, but it is ergonomic, adjustable and one of the most stable ones offered in 2023.

Its height can be adjusted from 5 inches up to 10.25 inches, which makes it the most adjustable under desk footrest too.

It is easy to adjust with the predrilled holes and will allow you to prop one foot and then the other when working on a standing desk. It is also super convenient for people who work on high chairs and desks, and who cannot comfortably reach and step on the floor while sitting.

Not only can you adjust its height, but you can also adjust its tilt angle and direction – you can use it tilted forwards or backward depending on your preferences.

The large stepping surface is textured and anti-slip. Thanks to its large stepping size, your feet will have plenty of room together, or one by one.

So, overall, it may look like a piece of equipment that you will see in a gym, and it does weigh over 8 lbs., but this under desk footrest is sturdy and comfortable and offers the best adjustability when it comes to height.


  • One of the sturdiest of all footrests on this list
  • An adjustable height of 5 to 10.25 inches
  • Adjustable tilting at each height option
  • A large stepping surface
  • Suitable for standing and sitting desks
  • Made of sturdy metal and other durable materials
  • Textured stepping surface


  • It is heftier than the other footrests
  • Not as aesthetically appealing as some of the other products on this list

Sleepy Ride – Airplane Footrest

This is a portable footrest that you take to work, use at home, or use at home when lounging. It provides a hammock-like comfort and will ensure that your feet and legs are as comfortable as ever even on the longest flight, or during the longest workday.

Stepping surface size: 18 (L) x 7 (W) inches

Height: adjustable, thanks to the adjustable strap

Weight: 4-oz

Warranty: No information available

The Sleepy Ride Airplane footrest can be used not only to make you feel comfortable when taking a long flight but also when you are relaxing at home or outside, as well as when you are working and sitting at your desk.

This lightweight foot rest is so well-designed that you may feel like you’re actually lounging in a hammock.

The straps allow you to customize the footrest’s height so that it works with your height and comfort level.

Sleepy Ride developed the airplane footrest to help passengers avoid the aches and pains that come with sitting for lengthy periods of time.

The Sleepy Ride is made of soft material and filled with memory foam. The strap can be adjusted to up to 33 inches in length and can be attached to the seat of all kinds of airplanes.

It is light and you can carry it in your purse or bag easily, it is sold with a convenient soft eye mask, to allow you to relax completely and enjoy your flight from takeoff to touchdown.


  • Very light and portable – it can fit in any bag or purse
  • Made of comfortable memory foam
  • Adjustable height
  • Fits on all airplane seats
  • It can be used anywhere including under your desk
  • It comes with an eye mask for a 1st class experience


  • The use of the footrest may be limited by the available legroom in front of your airplane seat

Hotokii Foot Rest Under Desk, 2 in 1 Ergonomic Under Desk Footrest

This nifty Hokeki under desk foam foot cushion is a comfortable and versatile solution for anyone who spends hours sitting on a desk, and who ends up with sore, cold or swollen legs and feet at the end of the day.

Stepping surface size: 17.4 (L) x up to 11.2 (W) inches

Height: The maximum height is 3.9 inches

Weight: 12.8-oz

Warranty: No information available

This versatile desk foot rest can actually be used on long flights, as well as on the bus, or train rides. It allows for perfect relaxation of the feet while sitting.

The footrest cushion is filled with high-density 30D memory foam, which will keep your feet comfortable and warm, even if the floor is freezing.

The underside is scratch-proof and slip-resistant, so it will stay in place while not damaging even the most delicate hard floor underneath it.

The pillow is designed to have a comfortable height of 3.9 inches at its highest point.

You can rest your feet in all positions, sloped, or on top, or you can even turn the under desk foot rest around and use it as a rocker footrest for blood circulation improvement.

The cover of this cushion is easy to remove and is machine washable, so you don’t have to worry about keeping it sanitary and using it barefoot.

The footrest costs less than $20 but is very well made, and very convenient, and you can use it at home, at the office, or when traveling to obtain maximum comfort for your feet and posture at all times.

It is proven to help alleviate symptoms like lower back pain, tingling in the feet, swollen ankles, hip or knee stiffness, and others.


  • A very versatile design making it suitable for home, office or traveling use
  • A large foot resting surface
  • Made of soft and comfortable high-density foam covered with a washable cover
  • It will keep your feet warm when the floor is cold
  • It will protect the floor from being scratched or damaged
  • It can be used as a rocker when turned around
  • Excellent for alleviating foot numbness, tingling, low back pain, knee, and hip stiffness, and excessive swelling of the feet, as well as to keep the spine properly aligned
  • Sold at a very inexpensive price


  • The cover may attract lint and pet hairs

StrongTek Foot Rest Under Desk, Desk Footrest, Rocking Foot Nursing Stool

This beautiful natural wood under desk foot rest is not only a joy to the eye, but is also a sturdy and very comfortable accessory to add to any desk – sitting or standing.

Stepping surface size: 17.7 (L) x 10.5 (W) inches

Height: 4.4 inches

Weight: 3.7 lbs.

Warranty: No information available

This beautifully designed and sturdily built footrest is another versatile piece of furniture that you can use when sitting on a desk, working on a standing desk when resting and watching TV when rocking or nursing your baby, and so on.

The StrongTek foot rest is made of sturdy natural Lauan hardwood plywood and has a large textured anti-slip stepping surface of 17.7 x 10.5 inches.

You can use it as a rocker footrest so that you keep your blood circulation flowing in your feet and legs even after hours of sitting. This is great for reducing the risk of blood clots, alleviating swelling and numbness in the feet, and staying active without the need to stand up.

It can withstand your full body weight even when you are standing up. This footrest has a weight capacity of up to 350 lbs. which is more than any other product in this range.

Thanks to its perfectly balanced rocker structure, you can safely step on it and adjust your feet comfortably without slipping off or toppling over.

The design is by a former NASA scientist and is patent pending.

We must say that the StrongTek is definitely an under desk footrest which will last you a lifetime, thanks to the premium quality materials used and its top-quality build.


  • A large stepping surface of 17.7 x 10.8 inches
  • Made of durable hardwood plywood
  • A weight capacity of maximum, of 350 lbs.
  • Can be used as a rocker when sitting
  • Also perfect for improving posture and keeping the feet, legs and body engaged when working at a standing desk
  • Very durable make
  • Beautiful design


  • The height of 4.4 inches cannot be adjusted

What are the health benefits of using an under desk foot rest?

You may still be contemplating whether or not it is worth investing in a footrest under the desk.

Here are the main benefits of using one, which are the reasons why under desk footrests have become so popular in the last years:

It helps the feet remain positioned flat on the ground

Having your feet standing flat on the ground is essential for maintaining a healthy and natural posture.

Even if you have the most ergonomic chair or desk, if your feet are not correctly placed flat on the ground, you will be sitting or standing in an un-ergonomic and unhealthy position.

A suitable footrest can ensure that your feet are correctly positioned at all times, and thus will promote a healthy posture and blood circulation.

It is useful for people who cannot reach the floor for one reason or another

Whether your chair or your desk is too high, or you are shorter than average, not being able to step properly on the ground while working can lead to multiple problems from the dangling legs. Some of the potentially harmful effects include swelling, varicose veins, muscle atrophy, and vein thrombosis.

People who need to stretch in order to reach the floor can also develop strains and stress on the muscles, tendons, and ligaments of the legs.

It will also help taller people who can step on the ground easily

Even if your chair and desk are perfect for your height, and your feet can easily step on the floor at all times, a footrest can help prevent the health implications of the feet remaining in the same flat position for hours. Some footrests offer rocking motions, and others can be tilted, and allow for easy stretching of the feet and legs. Most of them have textured surfaces, which will massage the feet and help promote healthy blood circulation too.

It can promote motion and healthy stretching

The rocker footrests and the tilting ones help promote healthy movement and stretching even when working at a desk all day. This helps alleviate the swelling of the feet and legs, improves the circulation of the blood, and helps maintain muscle tone, which often suffers when people lead too sedentary lives.

It can also help reduce swelling of the feet and lower legs

A footrest that allows you to lift your feet to a level at which the knees are higher than the hips can help prevent the overstretching of the ligaments and tendons of the legs, and also reduces the swelling of the feet at the end of the day by reducing the increased blood flow to the lowest part of the body.

It is an excellent option for people with lower limb injuries and procedures

A good footrest can help add that extra support which people with ankle or knee surgeries or hip replacement need. It will provide support and stability without the need for stretching. It will also allow for people recovering from injuries and surgery to keep their feet in a normal position without effort or strain, for a faster recovery process.

Features to look for when shopping for an under-desk footrest

Since there are so many under desk footrests being offered in 2023, the choice of the most suitable one for your specific needs can be pretty difficult.

Here are the main features to keep in mind when choosing the best under desk footrest for your needs:

An ergonomic design

A footrest needs to be comfortable and ergonomic in order to serve its purpose of being a place for resting your feet.

Choose an under desk footrest, which has a design suitable for your desk and chair type, as well as for your height and foot size.

If you are working on a standing desk, choose one which is comfortable for propping one foot up or one which you can use to stand on, or rock on safely during work.

An appropriate stepping surface size and texture

You should be able to step on the stepping surface comfortably. Many of the footrests have textured surfaces that will provide soothing and healthy massages to your feet as you are working as well.

Choose a footrest in a size that will fit both your feet comfortably. Also, if you want to experience the benefits of getting a foot massage whenever you feel like it, to prevent fatigue, then pick one with a massaging texture on the stepping surface.

An adjustable height

Although some of our top picks for under desk footrests have fixed heights, it is always advisable to consider getting one that can be adjusted in height. This feature will make it more versatile if you are planning to use it not only for under the desk but also when relaxing on a couch or another chair when you are traveling or others.

Its sturdiness

The sturdiness of the footrest is especially important if you are going to use it for standing on top of it while working on a standing desk.

Selecting a sturdy footrest that can support your weight will guarantee your safety and help you avoid embarrassment and potential harm.

If you want to make a purchase that will last for years, get a sturdy under-desk footrest.

We’ve curated a collection of footstools created from a variety of materials for you to choose from, including hardwood, metal, plastic, and rubber.

Also, makes sure to look for one with rubber legs, which will not scratch the floor when you are standing on it, and which will not slip and slide around on slippery floor surfaces.

Its versatility and portability

Depending on your needs, you may want to pick a lighter and more portable footrest that you can take with you when traveling by plane, train, bus, or car.

Also, you may want to bring it back home from work with you, and use it while you are lounging and relaxing as well.

In this case, choosing a lighter and more compact footrest is recommended.

Plus, if you want foot support that can be adjusted in height, tilted, or used as a rocker or a stable stepping surface, then make sure you opt for a more versatile model, like many of the products which we have included in our list for under desk footrests.

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